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December 23, 2013
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January 28, 2014

Why Raising Awareness about Hearing Loss is So Important


There’s always talk in the hearing loss community about “raising awareness.” This basically means helping people who aren’t touched by hearing loss understand issues affecting people who are. Why is this such a big deal?

Raising awareness is important because people who understand hearing loss are more likely to help, in a variety of ways.

Personal. Hearing loss is in our community—family, friends, work, church, school, or neighborhood. Understanding it can make hearing people more likely to:

  • be aware of, and empathize with, those with hearing loss
  • take actions that can help hearing
  • educate others
  • be more conscious of hearing loss prevention

Financial. Hearing loss awareness can drive people to act:

  • on an individual basis, by donating to hearing-related charities
  • as part of a corporation, or on a church or school board, by directing funds toward hearing loss issues, including:
    • making donations
    • implementing hearing loops
    • funding assistive technology such as Bluetooth or an FM system
    • funding research

Professional. In a work environment, someone who understands hearing loss may be more likely to:

  • hire individuals with hearing loss
  • be more inclusive of co-workers with hearing loss
  • support or spearhead the organization’s efforts to assist employees with hearing loss
  • use and facilitate more accomodating communication techniques

Political. Once a person knows the issues facing those with hearing loss, he or she may be more likely to:

  • advocate for hearing loss on the political front
  • support or help create legislation to:
    • assist those with hearing loss
    • create or maintain equality and equal opportunities for those with hearing loss
    • fund agencies or organizations that support those with hearing loss

Raising awareness is important. Keep up the good work!

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The HearingLikeMe editorial team includes Jill Blocker von Bueren and Lisa Goldstein.