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April 5, 2019
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April 9, 2019

Do’s and Don’t’s of Going to a Concert with Hearing Loss


Music is one of my favorite things. Having hearing loss doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a concert.

Hearing aids — when paired with accessories like the ComPilotRoger Pen, and Roger Select — make music better and easier to listen to.

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But there is something about a concert atmosphere that makes music so much more awesome. Seeing favorite artists live and physically feeling the beats that are part of favorite songs make concerts worth attending. I have gone to many and have some tips on how to optimize your listening experience.


  • Go with a group, or at least one other person, since things can get overwhelming at times. Plus, things are more fun with a group!
  • Try to get tickets around the lower bowl or the floor. While these can be expensive, you’ll be able to experience everything easier. The show may even have an ASL interpreter.
  • Wear ear protection! I cannot stress this enough. This goes for your hearing friends as well. Speakers can blast music up to 100 decibels. Add to that all the screaming fans. Wear some sort of ear protection, such as earplugs.

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  • The above statement means that you might have to take your hearing aid(s) off. If you do, make sure to let your companions know.
  • I personally have a hard time while at the merchandise table, as everything is overwhelming. Instead, before the concert, I go online to the artist’s merchandise shop to find out what I want and in what size. This way, I’m prepared beforehand.


  • Do not stress. Concerts are fun. Enjoy yourself!
  • Make sure not to lose your hearing aids. If you take them off, hold them in a case that’s placed in a safe spot.

ASL Interpreters

A little while ago, there was a viral video about a rapper impressed by the sign language interpreter at his concert. This video got me thinking – how many artists have interpreters? Turns out, not enough. Deaf accessibility at concerts is a serious problem, as many concerts and entertainment companies have yet to make them fully accessible.

“Deaf accessibility at concerts is a serious problem, as many concerts and entertainment companies have yet to make them fully accessible.”

Artists such as Chance the Rapper (who brought his interpreter on the whole tour) and Eminem have all had concerts with ASL interpreters. Smaller music venues have slowly started including ASL interpreters as well. Sadly, many larger and more popular venues are missing the mark in not making things accessible. I am really disappointed; this is a serious problem. Do not hesitate to reach out to concert venues to see if they can provide something that can fit your needs. 

Music is an outlet for many people, no matter how we are feeling. Concerts let us experience that live. Use these tips for your next concert experience! 

Do you have any other tips for attending concerts?

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Natalie is a 17-year who has mild cookie bite hearing loss. Natalie currently wears the Phonak Marvels in both ears. She enjoys listening to music and studying science.