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Showing off my Phonak Marvel hearing aids at the CES awards

CES awards


The Phonak Marvel hearing aid marks the start of a new kind of hearing aid technology, it truly is a revolutionary hearing aid.

I believe Phonak has laid a solid foundation and has paved the way for future research and more great things to come.  Not only do I believe all of this, but so do the people at CES; who awarded the Phonak Marvel hearing aids with “Best Mobile Medical Device.”

While that’s an honor itself, Disney then chose to invite several winners across many technological categories to demonstrate their products and brands at the Walt Disney Studios HQ in Burbank, California. The event itself was a trade show of sorts, giving Phonak the opportunity to demonstrate the look of the hearing aid, wearing of the hearing aid and all of its capabilities to people who may be unfamiliar with the Phonak company and products. The event was open to all Disney employees.

What are Phonak Marvel hearing aids?

Since I have been wearing the Phonak Marvels for close to a month now, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Burbank, CA for the event. I was able to about my experiences with the Marvel hearing aid and to demonstrate all of the wonderful capabilities the aid offers to the user.

CES awards

The Phonak Marvel won the award due to multiple features including rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity to both IOS and Android devices. The Marvel hearing aid also works with various smartphone apps that allow you to control the programs on your hearing aids.

My Marvel hearing aids really help me in loud social situations, when I am working at a smoothie shop, and playing in my school band.

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The most frequent comment from the public was, “Wow! It’s really that small?”

I was given the opportunity to work with some amazing employees from Phonak and Sonova, and to meet some terrific people in the technology world. I was able to work with marketing experts and learn even more about the hearings aids.

The technology used in the Marvels is something truly ahead of the times, and people are finally able to see that because of the light that this award has brought to it.  Phonak has received an amazing opportunity from Disney. I would like to commend Disney for organizing this wonderful event which hosted many unique products from many companies around the world. I would also like to thank the Phonak company for yet again another wonderful, personal learning experience.

Author Details
Finn Gomez is a 15-year-old with bilateral hearing loss. In his right ear, he has mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, and in his left ear, he has moderate to severe loss. He currently uses Phonak Marvel hearing aids in both ears. You can find him performing with the Legends Drum and Bugle Corps or performing with the DSO Philharmonic Orchestra.