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Deaf comedian, D.J. Demers, sparks laughs on “America’s Got Talent“

D.J. Demers America's Got Talent

Our favorite deaf comedian, D.J. Demers broke the ice to the American public on Tuesday about his hearing loss… and his relationship status.

D.J., who wears Phonak Naída V hearing aids and regularly contributes to Hearing Like Me, auditioned for the famous talent competition “America’s Got Talent”, and received “yes” votes from all judges.  

“Growing up, I think that comedy and making my friends laugh was probably a way for me to connect with people and be something other than, ‘a boy with hearing aids,’” D.J. said in the show.

“That was a belly laugh,” judge Simon Cowell said following the performance.

“America’s Got Talent” is aired in the U.S., Tuesdays at 8/7c.


Learn more about D.J. Demers’  Phonak Naida V hearing aids. 
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