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Watch: Viral Chewbacca video in sign language

Chewbacca video in sign language

Nearly 150 million people have watched the Facebook video of a Texas mom’s hilarious reaction to her newly-purchased Chewbacca mask, and now deaf viewers can also better enjoy the Chewbacca video in sign language. 

Amber Gallego, an ASL interpreter, requested rights to re-make Candace Payne’s Chewbacca video in sign language. She uploaded her ASL version of the video on her Facebook page earlier this week.


While Amber’s video is still missing closed captioning, the engagement of the Chewbacca video in sign language shows the importance of making videos accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, as we all appreciate a good laugh!

Payne’s Facebook Live stream video is the most-watched Facebook Live video ever, according to Facebook.  With Facebook’s new live video stream, videos are becoming a more dominant part of social media. However, for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, these videos often aren’t in a format they can understand. YouTube has released features such as fan-contributed captions and subtitles, but there is still a way to go to make all videos accessible. 

Check out Hearing Like Me blogger Ellie’s list of her favorite YouTubers who caption their videos, and spread the word about the importance of captions and sign language in viral videos!

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