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The 10-year-old Deaf model who is breaking down stigmas

Gabriella was born Deaf*, but that hasn’t stopped her from following her dreams of becoming a model. 

Luckily, she’s had some recent role models to look up to – including America’s Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco and current Ms. San Antonio, Emma Faye Rudkin – but at just 10-years-old, she’s already seeing some of the challenges that those with #deaftalent have to overcome. 

“Gabriella has a pronounced Deaf accent, so she doesn’t get many auditions,” says her mother, Teresa Banda. “It’s been difficult the last few years – she wants to work and casting agents have not been kind, or open to working with a Deaf child. Up until earlier this year she had not booked a single paying job in two years.”

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#ShowYourAids: Texan Beauty Queen Shows Us How to Live Proudly with Hearing Loss

If you’re active on social media, you probably have a list of hashtags you use when sharing photos about hearing loss. #HearingLoss, of course, #LifeIsOn – the official Phonak hashtag – and others such as #hardofhearing #deafkidsrock and #hearingaids.

One hashtag campaign, however, recently gained international attention, with the important message: #ShowYourAids. The #ShowYourAids social media campaign exploded this summer thanks to one young woman, Emma Rudkin, who knows from experience how tough it can be to wear hearing aids proudly. Emma, a 19-year-old Texas native and this year’s Miss San Antonio, started the social media movement and non-profit, Aid The Silent, to raise awareness and support for the deaf community.

I talked with her about the #ShowYourAids movement and how she gained the courage to show off her Phonak hearing aids.

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