A deafie takes on the World Cup 2018

world cup 2018

I recently had an opportunity to attend the World Cup and as a deafie I am happy to report that  FIFA and Russia did an incredible job to make sure the event was inclusive and accessible to all.
Beyond that, it was the camaraderie of the attendees that made it the experience of a lifetime!

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Why you’re never too old to try hearing aids

old for hearing aids

Walk down any busy street and you will see a plethora of people engaged in their technology. Specifically, their mobile phones.

It’s sometimes surprising when we notice a number of these people plugged into cyberspace fall into the 70-80 age bracket.

It shouldn’t really be a shock to think of the so-called older generation being interested and invested in new tech. As age, as the whole, has little to do with abilities and interests. 

However, there is a downside to this. It is the simple fact that there is a significant figure within these age parameters that take the completely opposite viewpoint and find the whole idea of technology abhorrent in the extreme.

If the technology in question was only related to mobile phones it wouldn’t be that big a deal. However, this problem goes much further and a lot deeper and includes why many people don’t wear their hearing aids.

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Community spotlight: A bead in Graham’s ear? Not your usual hearing loss story

bead in the ear

We often hear stories about kids eating toys, and swallowing rings. For the Mulin’s family, they encountered their own experience with finding a bead in their son’s ear when he was 18 months old.
Graham Mulins, now five-years-old, was just a baby when he stuck a jewelry spacer bead into his right ear. This led his family on a unique hearing loss journey.

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Deaf and hard of hearing Netflix viewers are calling for better closed captions

Netflix closed captions

After the second season of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” was released in mid-June, deaf and hard of hearing fans have been asking Netflix for better and accurate closed captions to make the show accessible.
According to Huffington Post writer Jenna Amatulli, the captions provided have been taking away the full experience of the show for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. “As indicated on social media, the show’s closed caption subtitles aren’t always the best. They censor profanity or are blatantly inaccurate,” Amatulli says.

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Deaf flautist: “Music is not just audible; it’s equally visible!”

deaf flautist

A common misconception is that deaf people can’t hear music.

Although this may be true depending on the level of hearing loss a person has, it doesn’t mean deaf people can’t access or be entertained by music. Music can be heard, felt through vibrations, or seen through the movement of a musician; it’s an expressive form of art. 

Megan Angharad Hunter, a 19-year-old flautist, is an example of an extraordinary musician breaking down barriers and proving that deaf people can enjoy music in various ways. 

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Community Spotlight: Celia’s perfect hearing technology combination for unilateral hearing loss

unilateral hearing loss

Within the first day of Celia’s life, it was suspected that she had a hearing loss.

Although it was suspected it still took 18 months to officially diagnose her with unilateral hearing loss. Having had to wait almost two years to finally get an answer about her daughter’s hearing loss, Tracy Pursifull, Celia’s mother, was glad to know the diagnosis.

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Heartwarming story of teen and deaf, blind man communicating using sign language goes viral

deaf, blind

Tim Cook, a deaf, blind man, needed help communicating on his most recent flight from Boston to California, and unexpectedly ended up communicating and connecting with a 15-year-old girl who knows sign language.

The flight attendants made an announcement asking if anyone knew American Sign Language (ASL) so they could communicate with Cook. Clara Daly volunteered to help him as she has been studying ASL for the past year. Together Cook and Clara were able to communicate through finger spelling letters. Photos of the two communicating went viral on social media. A post from a passenger, Lynette Scribner, was shared over 500,000 times on Facebook.

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Podcasts: The last frontier of accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people

accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people

Making it to the front page of Reddit is considered the Holy Grail. This social website of topic-based communities includes comments and votes. Generally, around 4,000 upvotes within six hours gets you to the front page. Recently, Reddit user Istovi succeeded with a question about podcast accessibility.

He wrote the following question: “As a deaf person, I get sad when I think of podcasts because I cannot listen to them and there [is] generally no captioning support of any kind. Will you help me find podcasts that provide transcripts, captions, or whatever so I can connect to the podcast in that way? Thank you.”

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