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Tips for skydiving with hearing loss

skydiving with hearing loss
Skydiving is an experience everyone must try.

Sure it is different for everybody, but skydiving without my Phonak Bolero hearing aids is a whole another level, from communicating to the instructors to jumping out of the plane. These are my tips for skydiving with hearing loss!

The first thing I did was to basically sign a waiver that I read all the safety rules and I solely am responsible for my life. The weather was a perfect blue sky, perfect to jump out of the plane, I was very excited in the anticipation of what was to come.

I met with my instructor, Tommy and asked him whether I should remove my hearing aids and it was advised to do so. Here are other tips I learned from my experience.

1) Remove your hearing aids/ cochlear implant if possible 

I told my instructor that I removed my hearing aids and fortunately, my instructor was very helpful. He slowly communicated the instructions facing me, making it easy for me to lip read. Also, he showed me the poses I had to do when jumping. In addition, the instructors knew ASL if I needed it.

2) Tell the instructor/jump partner about your hearing loss

Then it was time, my heart was pounding in my chest, as the plane rose higher and higher.  The window opened and we moved closer and closer to the door and jumped. The experience was mind-blowing. First, the detail of the earth seems so beautiful in its vastness.

Then you instantly smell the fresh, cold air slamming your face, the noise is so loud you are unable to carry a conversation until the point the parachute opens and suddenly it is calm. You feel like you are unconquerable.

3) Plug your nose and breathe from your mouth

As we landed, the pressure on the ears becomes intense, I think it is more intense for a hard of hearing person than a hearing person. If that happens just press your nose and take deep breaths from your mouth.

Me with my skydiving instructor

I urge you, hearing or not; take the jump!

Remember hearing loss should not deter you from what you want to experience!

If you already have skydived comment down below your experiences!

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Aatish Patel is a 18 year old who loves to try out new things. He has moderately severe bilateral hearing loss who currently wears Phonak Boleros. He is college bound in fall of 2019, an avid gamer and loves learning about the deaf and hard of hearing communities. His blog can be reached at: