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‘Deaf U’ on Netflix follows Gallaudet University students

Deaf U on Netflix
A new reality series debuts today on Netflix called “Deaf U.” The show chronicles a group of Deaf and hard of hearing students at Gallaudet University as they navigate their daily lives while preparing for post-graduate life.
Deaf activist, model, and actor Nyle DiMarco is the executive producer of the series, which features eight episodes at 20 minutes each.

What to Expect

Like most reality shows, “Deaf U” promises to have its share of drama from hookups, breakups and heartfelt moments.

Early reviews for the show are promising. Kristen Lopez of IndieWire says, “‘Deaf U’ is a series that shouldn’t be put out of audiences’ minds.” She praises the show for its diversity and showing all sides of the students’ lives, both good and bad.


Executive Producer Nyle DiMarco

Many know Nyle DiMarco for his roles on America’s Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and various other TV and publication appearances, all while being a strong advocate for the Deaf community. He isn’t afraid to call out perceived discrimination in Hollywood. For instance, as reported by HuffPost, DiMarco called out Marvel for making one of its characters, Hawkeye, who is deaf in the comic books, hearing in its cinematic universe.

“There truly is no right way to being deaf,” DiMarco told Indiewire. This message is what he’s hoping viewers gain from the series.

“There truly is no right way to being deaf.”

Increasing Awareness of the deaf Community

Thanks to efforts from people like DiMarco, we’re getting closer to increasing awareness about the deaf community. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences recently announced its plan to reflect more diversity and inclusion “with new accessibility standards – including for the deaf and hard of hearing – that future films must meet in order to be eligible for the Best Picture Oscar.”

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DiMarco is also working on a comedy series about Deaf culture for Spectrum.

“Deaf U” has already garnered buzz online. Tune in to watch the show on Netflix and let us know what you think!

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