About Our Hearing Loss Community - Hearing Like Me

Real People. Real Stories.

HearingLikeMe.com is an online community for people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. We bring together people from all around the world to share stories that inspire hope in almost any hearing loss situation.

We created this site with a simple idea: Sharing our stories with each other is a powerful thing. Together, we can learn to live with hearing loss more successfully and advocate in a more meaningful way.

All of our stories are written by hard-of-hearing people, family members of loved ones with hearing loss or audiologists.

Who Owns This Site?

The short answer is that if you’re a member of this community, you do.

If you’re asking who actually pays the bills to keep the lights on, the answer is Phonak. We’ve been creating soutions to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss for over 70 years. If you wear hearing aids, have cochlear implants, or know someone who does, there’s a fairly good chance that they were designed by us or one of our sister companies.

Our members have turned this website into a valuable resource that provides inspiration and voice. Join us and share your stories.