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Ask Anna: Will my hearing aids work after being exposed to extreme temperatures?

will my hearing aids work in extreme temperatures?


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Dear Anna: I mistakenly left my daughter’s hearing aid in the car in its case last night, and it’s well above 90 degrees F here in Arizona. Is it OK for her hearing aids to be exposed to such extreme temperatures? What about in the winter when it’s cold outside? Will being exposed to freezing weather affect how her hearing aids work? – Fair-weather mom in Arizona. 

Hi Fair-weather mom,

Hearing aids are essentially small computers, so it’s important to treat them with care, like other electronic devices. Phonak’s hearing aid user guides state that in transportation, which means they are packaged in their case inside a cardboard box, the device can withstand temperatures of -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60 °C). I wouldn’t recommend leaving hearing aids outside on very hot day or a cold night, but if this happens one time by accident it isn’t likely to do any damage.

I’ve hearing of people wearing Phonak hearing aids in extreme conditions while climbing mountains like the Everest with no problem. I also once had a mom bring in her daughter’s Phonak hearing aids to me that had spent the night outside in the garden under leaves on a frosty night. They were both working fine!

Heat sources, however, can be more of a problem. Leaving hearing aids on or close to a direct heat source can cause  the case of the hearing aids to degrade.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. It’s important to put away the hearing aids in their case in a safe place when the hearing aids are not worn, to keep them in tip-top condition.

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