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November 10, 2017
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Watch: What’s it like to wear hearing aids at school?

What's it like to wear hearing aids at school?

What is it like to wear hearing aids in Elementary school? 

Ten-year-old YouTuber Skye is giving viewers an inside look of what it’s like to wear hearing aids and use hearing aid accessories in the classroom. 

How does her teacher use the radio aids? What do her friends think about her hearing aid technology? Watch their reactions in her latest vlog!

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Hearing technology for the classroom

In order to fully participate in the classroom, every child needs to hear the teacher, classmates and multimedia devices within the classroom. 

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In the video, Skye’s teacher uses a Phonak Roger transmitter, which picks up her voice and transmits it wirelessly into Skye’s hearing aids. The latest model of this technology is called the Roger Touchscreen Mic. The technology provides students up to 54% improvement of speech understanding over other FM systems.

This video explains a bit more about how hearing accessories, paired with a student’s hearing aids, can help them learn and engage in the classroom. 

Learn more about Phonak hearing solutions for the classroom, here. 

Are you a university student with hearing loss? You may qualify for FREE hearing technology. Learn more here. 

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