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5 things I wish hearing people would know

things to know about living with hearing loss
Living with hearing loss can be frustrating, but by sharing a few tips with our friends and family we can make communication more accessible.

Natalie, a teenager with hearing loss, shares a few things she experiences on a regular basis, and what she wishes hearing people would know about living with hearing loss.

5 things hearing people should know 

1. The worst word in the English language is “never mind.”

If we’re having a conversation and if I ask you “can you repeat that” and you say “never mind,” you’re making it hard for me to have a good conversation with you. So, please repeat yourself again, because I’m trying and I’m sure you’d like to have a good conversation as well!

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2. My hearing aids do not compensate for my hearing loss.

I wear my hearing aids to feel more comfortable and to feel more balanced, but they don’t restore my hearing. My hearing aids and assistive technology helps me connect with you, but it doesn’t magically give me perfect hearing.

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3. Don’t get mad at me and say “turn your hearing aids up.”

My hearing aids are programmed to give me the best hearing for my needs. I can’t just turn them up to make them work better.

4. Don’t try to test my hearing.

If you make loud noises or low-tone noises just to test how I can hear you makes me feel uncomfortable. My audiologist tests my hearing, and I know what I can and cannot hear.

5. Just be patient.

Patience is definitely important when having a conversation with someone with hearing loss. Maybe they need you to move to a quieter room to have a conversation or give you suggestions on how they can hear you better. Once you find the best way to communicate with each other, your conversations will be that much better!

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