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Watch: Phonak Roger Technology for Teens

phonak roger technology for teens
Hearing aids can help teens with hearing loss strive in many situations where they may otherwise find difficult, but what if the technology is not enough? That’s when Phonak Roger technology comes in handy, says Madeline Brinkman, a teenager with hearing loss.

Maddy, a Phonak Teen Advisor, has mild to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss and wears hearing aids in both ears. But as a university student, she still sometimes struggles to find the right accommodations and support to help her achieve her goals.

One solution that has worked for her, she says, is Phonak Roger technology.

Phonak Roger Technology for Teens 

Phonak Roger technology includes hearing aid accessories such as the Roger Pen, Roger Select, Roger Table Mic, and Roger Touchscreen Mic. These tools work like microphones, which directly stream audio or voice directly to the hearing aids. Such tools are especially useful in noisy environments, such as the classroom, restaurants, work place and social events.

To learn more about Phonak Roger technology for teens, Maddy visited the Phonak headquarters in Switzerland. While she was there, she talked with Phonak employees about the hearing aid accessories.

Why are Phonak Roger accessories so great for teens? 

phonak roger pen

In one video, Maddy sits down with Phonak Senior Product Manager, Pascal, to answer all her questions about Phonak Roger technology.

“The Phonak Roger Pen is something I always use in the classroom,” Maddy says, “I use it in group settings and with teachers, but what are the other technology that I could use?”

Pascal explains the new Roger Select accessory, which is a round microphone that can sit on a table, or hang on a lanyard around the neck.

The Roger Touchscreen Mic is another option, he says. “The most challenging environment is a noisy environment, that’s why the Roger products are so great.”

Watch more videos about teens with hearing loss, or Phonak technology, on the HearingLikeMe YouTube channel


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