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Watch: Life wearing hearing aids, the wedding experience

hearing aids at a wedding


Do you wear your hearing aids at a wedding? Certain social situations that are loud, such as weddings, can be hard for deaf and hard of hearing people to navigate at times.

Phonak hEARo Jaime talks about what it’s like to wear hearing aids at a wedding and other experiences with attending weddings in her latest vlog. 

“I love the whole wedding experience,” says Jaime. “There’s a little bit of everything; family members, eating good food, dancing, cake, seeing people in love, cupcakes!”  

She mentions that it is hardest for her to hear speeches given at weddings. The quiet sounds from the letters in the speech make it hard for Jaime to hear in an already loud environment. 

“It’s kind of like a puzzle where I take what I can hear and I lip read to make up for the rest of it,” says Jaime.

However, reading lips from across a room isn’t always possible. This is when Jaime relies on seeing reactions from others to help fill in the blanks on what she might be missing. This includes picking up on emotions from the speaker and then seeing the reaction from the audience. 

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How hearing aids can help in loud situations

Jaime also mentions how her hearing aids were able to cut background noise, so she could better hear one voice.

When she was sitting far away from her mom, her hearing aids were still able to pick up her mom’s voice from across the table. As she was facing her mom, the technology in her hearing aids was able to lower background noise and pick up speech. 

Jaime will continue to make more vlogs about her life with hearing loss and hearing aids. Keep watching the Hearing Like Me YouTube channel.

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