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Watch: Adorable baby thrilled by Grandma’s sign language

baby sign language video


A video of a deaf grandmother and baby girl is winning the hearts of many, especially those raising children with sign language.

Shari Joy McMahon uploaded the video of her mom teaching her daughter, Aria, on Facebook. In the video, Grandma Pamela signs with Aria. The 9-month-old eventually starts to babble and move her little fingers.

Grandma Pamela has five deaf grandchildren, so she’s used to bonding with them at a young age through sign language, according to the Facebook post.

Sign language has shown to be an effective communication method with all babies, whether they have hearing loss or not.

Research suggests sign language might give a typically developing child a way to communicate several months earlier than those who only use vocal communication, according to the Mayo Clinic.

HearingLikeMe author Lucie Herridge says she was shocked at how fast her son was able to pick up sign language.

“They will start to copy different hand gestures, eventually realizing they can use their hands to tell you what they need,” she says.

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If you want to teach your baby sign language, you can attend a professional class to learn the basics, or find resources on the internet, such as YouTube, books and libraries.

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Read the full video transcript:

Start video:

Both of them are laughing.

“I’m funny?” *tickles Aria’s cheek*

“Grandma. Can you sign Grandma?”

*she laughs when Aria laughs at her*

“Oh, you’re so funny!”

“So funny!” *strokes Aria’s cheeks*

“Oh, funny!”

“Say Grandma. Can you sign Grandma?”

*lifts Aria’s hand to help her sign Grandma*

“Yes, that’s how you sign Grandma!”

*close up shot of Aria*

*Aria starts to move her arm*

“Grandma, yes!” *Aria moves her arm closer to her face*

*points to Aria’s hand* “Yes, that’s it!”

“Grandma” *moves Aria’s hand again*

“Yes, that’s it! Grandma”

*Aria keeps on moving her arm and hand*

*Aria’s eyebrows goes up as if she understands what is saying*

*Aria’s arm and hand goes to her face and she seems to be signing “Grandma”*

“Yes, yes! That’s it!”

*looks up to the camera* “Did you see that?!”

*looks back to Aria* “Yes, Grandma, yes!”

*Moves Aria’s hand again to sign Grandma*

*Aria’s eyebrows furrows as her arm tightens*

“Oh, no, Im not going to force you, ok, ok”

“Aww! Oh my, you’re so cute” *gently strokes Aria’s head*

End video.

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