Tips for going Back to School with Hearing Loss
September 7, 2016
Sign Language Ad Showcases People with Hearing Aids, Disabilities
September 8, 2016

Top tips from September’s #Hearinglosshour



#HearingLossHour is an hour a month on Twitter for chats about living with hearing loss.  The theme for September’s #HearingLossHour was all about the new academic year – starting school, changing schools, new classes, new teachers, going to college or university.

Here were the questions:
Angie Aspinall
Angie Aspinall
Phonak hEARo, Angie is a freelance journalist, copywriter, website designer and social media consultant. ( She lives in Scotland with her husband Richard, and their Westie, Tilly. Angie was diagnosed with Otosclerosis in her right ear at the age of 30. In 2011, she suffered sudden profound hearing loss in her left ear. She now uses a Phonak CROS II with a Phonak Audéo V hearing aid. You can follow Angie's international discussion group #HearingLossHour on Twitter @hearinglosshour.