Researchers prove accessibility of the cochlea
Researchers prove accessibility of the cochlea
December 26, 2022
how hearing works
A study debunks how hearing works
January 2, 2023

Top Hearing Like Me Posts of 2022

Top Hearing Like Me Posts of 2022
At Hearing Like Me, we’re dedicated to writing about all things hearing loss all year round. As we close out 2022 and ring in the New Year, let’s take a look at the Top Hearing Like Me posts of 2022!

1. Ranking at number 1 is “How to say ‘I Love You’ in ASL – and other languages,” written by M Mineli Goswami. Love is a language we all understand. This article showed readers how to sign “I love you” in  multiple sign languages.

2. Our second highest ranking article is “Teen’s empowering essay about hearing loss inspires others,” written by Danielle Guth. Here, we highlight the story of an inspiring teenager, Hind Rasheed; and her empowering essay about her hearing loss journey.
3. Next up, we have “Scientists discover “master gene” that regrows dead ear hair cells,” written by Melanie Ashford. In this post, we cover the groundbreaking research on a new gene that has the potential to regrow hair cells and improve hearing.
4. Another big hit was Lisa A. Goldstein’s article, “Phonak releases new Virto Paradise hearing aids.” At Phonak, we strive to keep the community updated on new releases and the latest news on Phonak products. Here, Lisa writes about Phonak’s new Virto Paradise hearing aids, and its high quality features.

At Phonak, we strive to keep the community updated on new releases and the latest news on Phonak products.

5. Coming in at number five is “Distance Runner Emily Wilson to compete in 2022 Deaflympics,” by Beth Tingle. This article about deaf representation in athletics highlights distance runner Emily Wilson, who competed in the 2022 Deaflympics.
6. “How to cope with hearing loss and noise” by Danielle Guth came in at number 6. The world is a noisy place. For people with hearing loss and hearing technology, coping with that noise can be a challenge.
7. Written by PR Hilton, “New genetic test for deafness launches in the UK” was ranked number 7 in our Top Ten. In this article, PR gives us the inside scoop on new genetic testing for deafness in the UK.
8. Published by Melanie Ashford, “Enjoy summer with waterproof hearing aids” was another popular article. For so long, hearing aids have not been waterproof, which meant that users had to take them out when swimming. Now they don’t have to with waterproof hearing aids.
9. Also written by Melanie Ashford is “Understanding rechargeable hearing aid batteries.” Have you ever debated whether to get rechargeable batteries or stick to disposable ones? Melanie gives us the down low on how rechargeable hearing aid batteries actually work.
10. Finally, at number 10 on our list of Top 10 Hearing Like Me posts of 2022, we have “Hearing aid charms create confidence” by Janna Cowper. Who says you can’t express yourself and your individuality with your hearing aids? Janna shows us a creative option for adding some spark to our technology through hearing aid charms.
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Hi, my name is Danielle! I’m an Psy.D. graduate psychology student with an immense passion for writing and helping and inspiring others in any way I can. I am an anti-bullying and mental health advocate, blogger, and public speaker through my personal blog and social media campaign, “Compassionately Inspired”. I was born with a severe conductive hearing loss and hope to inspire others both in the hard of hearing and deaf community as well as the hearing community. “Everybody has a story”; that’s my motto and I hope my stories inspire you in one way or another.