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June 18, 2019
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June 20, 2019

5 tips for gamers with hearing loss

gamers with hearing loss
Whether it is communicating with your teammates or trying to identify where the enemy is coming from, there are intrinsic obstacles for gamers with hearing loss.

Here are my five tips for gamers with hearing loss.

1.) Use the Game Accessibility Options

There are so many games nowadays that have accessibility options like captions in cinematic gameplay. For example, gamers who play Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 have the option to add subtitles/closed captions.

2.) Do Not be Afraid to Tell Your Teammates That You Have a Hearing Loss

Many multiplayer games need collaboration from other players to obtain the end goal. For example, Fortnite Squads mode requires you to communicate with other players on where to go or cry out for help. Whenever I play a game of squads, I tell my teammates beforehand that I am hard of hearing. My teammates are more than willing to be more accommodating to ensure that we win.

“My teammates are more than willing to be more accommodating to ensure that we win.”

3.) Use Gaming Aided Platforms to Talk to Other Gamers

Use sites like Discord or TeamSpeak to talk to other gamers. I personally use Discord, as it is user-friendly to use.

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4. ) Report the Players That are Disrespectful

If a player is being disrespectful of your disability or not talking in a respectful manner, remember you can report that player. All games have a REPORT button to report the player.

5.) Do Not Forget to Have Fun!

Gaming is a great activity that brings all sorts of communities together with the same goal of having fun! So set forth and have fun!

Do you have any interesting gaming stories or tips you’d like to share?

Author Details
Aatish Patel is a 18 year old who loves to try out new things. He has moderately severe bilateral hearing loss who currently wears Phonak Boleros. He is college bound in fall of 2019, an avid gamer and loves learning about the deaf and hard of hearing communities. His blog can be reached at: https://theeartrumpet.wordpress.com.