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Tips For Exercising at the Gym with Hearing Loss

exercising at the gym with hearing loss
Exercising at the gym with hearing loss can pose several challenges. Whether it is being unable to talk to somebody over the blaring music to asking “What?” every time the trainer says something, you’re not alone.

As an avid gym-goer, I have experienced these challenges and more. It can get frustrating at times, but it is all worth it in the end.

Here are my tips for exercising at the gym with hearing loss:

“Whether it is being unable to talk to somebody over the blaring music to asking “What?” every time the trainer says something, you’re not alone.” 

Play Some Music

Music can motivate you to exercise while also making the time pass faster. If you have Bluetooth compatible hearing aids like Phonak Audeo Marvel, you can simply streaming music from your device straight to your hearing aids. Alternatively, invest in a good pair of noise-canceling or noise isolating over the ear headphones so they can comfortably fit over your hearing aids. I personally choose songs that tend to be heavier on the bass side so I can hear and feel the beat of the song.

Attend Classes with Sign Language Compatibility

Did you know there are some classes at gyms that cater specifically to deaf and hard of hearing people? There are classes in sign language so that you don’t miss out on what the instructors are saying. One good example would be Fitness is My Sickness based in San Diego or in the United Kingdom; there are several gyms that are inclusive (gyms that cater to the disabled community.)

Dry Your Hearing Aids

After your workout, pop your hearing aids in a dehumidifier so it dries the humidity and the sweat from the hearing aids so it doesn’t affect the sound input quality of the hearing aids.

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Make the Staff Aware of Your Needs

It is important that the staff/class instructor is aware of your communication needs. Here is what you can do before exercising:

  • If your gym doesn’t offer classes in sign language, or you don’t know sign language, notify the instructor that you’ll be lipreading so s/he can try to speak facing you.
  • Get a spot in the front for better visibility.
  • The instructor can even pair you up with a regular so you have someone else to follow and ask questions when stuck.
  • If the TV above your treadmill doesn’t feature captions, ask for them to be turned on.

Take a Gym Selfie

After you incorporate these tips during your workout, take a gym selfie with your Phonak hearing aids on display. Use the hashtag #phonak or #hearinglikeme on Instagram.

Do you have any gym stories or tips?

Author Details
Aatish Patel is a 18 year old who loves to try out new things. He has moderately severe bilateral hearing loss who currently wears Phonak Boleros. He is college bound in fall of 2019, an avid gamer and loves learning about the deaf and hard of hearing communities. His blog can be reached at: https://theeartrumpet.wordpress.com.