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Short film ‘The Silent Child’ premieres in August to raise deaf awareness

The Silent Child is a short film based on a true story about a deaf child. It is written by Rachel Shenton (as seen on Switched at Birth) and was made through crowdfunding to raise deaf awareness.

After months of filming, editing, and crowdfunding, the time has finally come; the cast and crew of ‘The Silent Child’ production are preparing their new short film for premieres in Rhode Island and London.

This film features the story of a deaf child, Libby, born into a hearing family, in a world of silence. It’s not until a social worker comes into her life, that her world changes. She transforms from a quiet, subdued little girl into a girl that’s energetic and eager to learn.

The Silent Child world premiere will be at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in Rhode Island on 8-13 August. They will also screen the film at The New Renaissance Film Festival’ in London on 18-20 August. Other screenings will be in various locations around the UK for the public.

Rachel says, “Anyone who’s made a short film will know it’s a real labour of love and as we crowd funded The Silent Child. It feels like an even longer process because fundraising alone was nine months. That’s why when we heard we’d been selected for film festivals, in particular, Rhode Island, it was such a big deal for us and we’re so excited to go. We’ve followed Rhode Island for the past couple of years and it looks awesome, so we fly out on the 6th of August.”

Raising awareness for deaf communities

This film hopes to raise deaf awareness. It represents 90 percent of deaf children who are born to hearing parents with no experience of deafness. The film intends to change perceptions. It also follows the #DeafTalent movement. Casting a young deaf girl for the main role is also changing perceptions in the film industry, with hearing actors usually being cast into deaf roles.


Learn more about The Silent Child on social media. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @SilentChildFilm and receive more info here.

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