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Four teens get real about their experiences with Phonak Roger

Hearing in a noisy classroom, restaurant or gym can be tough, especially as a teenager with hearing loss.

The Phonak Roger accessories are FM systems, otherwise known as radio aids in the UK. These four kids explain what the like best about using their Roger systems.

Kirsty and Alex

Sixteen-year-olds Kirsty and Alex both use the Phonak Roger Pen in their daily lives.

“Every lesson I give it to the teacher at the start, and then the rest of the lesson they just talk and I can hear it much more clearly,” she says in a video made by National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

Not only does she use her Roger Pen as school, but she takes it with her wherever she goes. It can help in a noisy restaurant or cafe, allowing her to feel more independent, she says.

Alex wears a cochlear implant and hearing aids and also uses his Roger Pen in school. The Roger Pen required him to lipread less and gives him less listening fatigue.

“If I am sitting 20 meters away in the back of the classroom, it’s as if I’m standing right in front of someone,” he says.

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Not only does Kirsty use the Roger Pen, but she also uses the Phonak Roger Select. She thinks the Roger Select is best in restaurants or during group work at school because you can choose the direction you want to hear sound from.

“You can use Bluetooth and connect it to make phone calls and also to answer phone calls,” she says. “So the sound from the other person goes through to whatever link you have then straight to your hearing aid.”

You can also use the Roger Select to stream music or for virtual meetings on the computer.

Eisa and Eva

Nine-year-old Eisa uses the Phonak Roger Inspiro, which allows sound to go directly into his cochlear implants.

Not only does Eisa use it during his classes, it also helps him during his extracurricular activities.

“If I am in the sports hall and running around, I can hear what the teacher is saying,” he says.

Eva, 11, says she also uses the Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic every day. She uses the Roger receiver in her cochlear implant to help her hear her teacher better in school.

“It’s very useful, it helps that it’s portable, you can just take it round and the quality of sound is much clearer,” she says.

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