June 23, 2016

Watch: Bride uses sign language for special father-daughter dance

April 1, 2016
deaf girl at Disney communicates with sign language

Adorable video of deaf girl at Disney World shows why accessibility is important

January 25, 2016

Dating with hearing loss: Date spots, cuddling and lip reading in the dark

January 22, 2016
Hearing Loss Social Media

Deaf show off confidence with Facebook videos, cool new haircut

Both men and women are showing off their confidence in wearing hearing aids and pulling off this haircut, which can look both edgy and feminine.
January 12, 2016

Learning Sign Language with a Baby or Toddler

Learning sign language with your deaf or normal hearing baby
December 11, 2015

America’s Deaf Top Model and Deafness’ “Cultural Moment”

Deaf man wins America's Next Top Model, Broadway musicals and Santas turn to sign language
November 19, 2015

Finding out our baby was Deaf

October 8, 2015

Broadway show with deaf actors is ‘enlightening in its diversity’

October 4, 2015

Eloise Garland “takes over” Phonak’s Instagram

September 13, 2015

Teen aims to make Californian city more hearing loss-friendly

July 29, 2015

What Is Waiting For Us Around The Corner

July 10, 2015

The Hearing Loss Spectrum, Between the Hearing World and Deaf Culture

April 30, 2015

“Right Hear, Right Now”: Hearing Loss Awareness as Works of Art

September 6, 2014

Children of a Lesser God, Children of a Different Choice