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Watch: Bride uses sign language for special father-daughter dance

The father-daughter dance is an emotional moment at many weddings, and one bride wanted to make the tradition even more memorable, by using sign language to give a special gift to her deaf father.

As the bride, Julie Finkel, danced with her father, a film of her translating the song in sign language showed in the background.

“I wanted my parents to feel like they were truly a part of everything,” she told Inside Edition.

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6 hearing loss related books my deaf toddler loves

Reading is a big part of any child’s life. For Harry, his interest in books has really only just begun! I like to find books that he can learn from and relate to, and have a special fondness for hearing loss related books, or ones that encourage speech and listening development. 

Harry has all of a sudden requested a story (or five) every night before bed and he delights in finding different objects and characters and reading along with me.  Here are some of our current favorite books that we think are particularly good for children with a hearing loss:

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Community Spotlight: Our journey after a failed newborn hearing screening

We love it when people share their hearing loss stories with us on social media. Our community often provides comfort, encouragement, inspiration and support for others in similar situations. Recently we connected with one of our Instagram friends who we think has a wonderful story to share.

I had the opportunity to chat with Meg, the mom of 6-month-old Leif, after she shared a photo of her son with us on Instagram. This is their story: 

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What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Hear Your Children?

My children are not allowed to listen to music on their iPods like all their friends.

They can’t turn their backs to me when they talk. They must keep their mouths free and clear of debris and food or I won’t understand what they are saying. And they definitely can’t bellow “Mom!” from another room and expect me to answer. I won’t hear them. I am their mom, and I love them, but I also have a hearing loss.

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Ask Anna: How do I keep my baby’s hearing aids in?

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna: My 8-month-old has hearing aids, but it’s difficult to keep them in her ears! She’s always grabbing them and pulling them out. I don’t want her to lose her expensive hearing aids, but even more, I want to make sure she’s wearing them so her speech and hearing can develop. Do you have any tips on keeping her hearing aids in? – Patient Mom in Colorado  

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Childhood Hearing Loss: A conversation with my parents

Today is World Hearing Day and this year’s topic is Childhood Hearing Loss. Thirty-two million children around the world live with disabling hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization. While I was born with profound congenital sensorineural hearing loss, 60 percent of children with hearing loss obtained it from a preventable source, such as infections – mumps, rubella, meningitis, measles or ear infections – or by using ototoxic medicines. 

To raise awareness about hearing loss and World Hearing Day, I thought I would take this opportunity to interview my lovely parents to learn about their experiences when they found out I had hearing loss. 

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Cochlear Implants: The Big ‘Switch On’

After Harry had his cochlear implant operation I found myself flooded with messages of congratulations that Harry could now hear. Unfortunately, of course, this wasn’t quite the case just yet. The operation was just the beginning and without the external hardware Harry still wasn’t able to access sound.  It took a while to explain this to people,  and on top of it was the fact we had no idea how successful the op would be until his “magic ears” were activated.

The big ‘switch on’ loomed over us like a ridiculously exciting – but nerve wrecking – bubble. We could barely sleep with the anticipation of what the day might bring. 

I found myself watching endless videos on YouTube of other babies and adults having their cochlear implants activated, which made that bubble of emotion almost explode. It’s so amazing to see some of the dramatic reactions that you can get from people on their activation day, however it’s also important to remember that everybody responds completely differently.

In fact, most babies and children have barely any reaction at all.  I realized quite quickly that I needed to calm down a bit and that it was quite likely we wouldn’t see the huge reaction we had first expected from Harry when he heard his first sound.

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