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Would my child benefit from rechargeable hearing aids?

Rechargable hearing aids have been available now for a few years, and now, thanks to Phonak, they are now a perfect fit for children.

Phonak’s new pediatric hearing aid, the Phonak Sky B-PR, comes with the convenience of built-in lithium-ion battery, eliminating all those tedious tiny battery changes. With just one simple charge, children can now have 24 hours of hearing.

So, how do you know if rechargeable hearing aids are a good fit for your child? Here are some key factors that will help you understand Sky B-PR better:

Truly designed for children 

Phonak Sky B-PR is not just a rechargeable device for adults with colorful housing and earhooks. Like the other devices from the Phonak Sky family, these hearing aids truly brings innovative and children-specific hearing performance technologies that have been tested and proven to provide children with the cleanest signal in all environments children find themselves in, including at school, on the playground, and at home., etc.

The ideal solution for little ears 

As the mom of small children, I know how vigilant parents need to be at all times to prevent their child from swallowing anything in their reach. Batteries are among the most dangerous items in a household. Having inbuilt lithium-ion battery means in simple words: no battery door to be opened, no battery to remove or swallow The devices also come with mini tamperproof earhooks, meaning the safety of babies and toddlers is ensured.

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Keeping teens connected everywhere 

If you are the parent of a teenager, you know how important it is for them to communicate with friends and the world around them. More than anything, they wish their hearing aids guarantee connectivity with other technology they use daily. With the Phonak wireless portfolio available for Sky B-PR, teens can make and receive phone calls at home or on the go, enjoy TV, listen to music, stream movies on a laptop or a tablet.

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Peace of mind

Running out of batteries, leaving the battery case at home or forgetting to buy extra batteries… What parents, caregiver or child with hearing loss hasn’t faced such situation? The older children get, the more self-conscious they can become, which also means they may really dislike changing batteries in the middle of their class in front of classmates. Phonak’s rechargeable hearing aid offers them a full day’s worth of hearing in just three hours. A quick 30-minute charge will provide up to six hours of battery life. Some easy-to-use smart charging options are offered so parents and children can charge the hearing aids wherever they go, without having to worry about running out of power.

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Long-lasting, even with up to 10 hours of Roger™ use

In challenging listening situations, like in school, when kids need hearing accessories, such as the Phonak Roger Pen, to increase access to quality speech and language, a fully charged battery will last the whole day.

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With all these features that fulfil the diversified needs of children of all ages, the rechargeable Sky B-PR hearing aid provides the perfect combination: optimal hearing and all conveniences of a rechargeable hearing aid.

If you’d like to learn more about getting a rechargeable hearing aid for your child, visit your audiologist, or learn more on

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