How I felt when my baby heard me for the first time

Charlotte (Charly) is just four months old and was born with a profound hearing loss.  The first time her hearing aids were turned on, her baby eyes brightened, and widened as she held back her emotional tears listening to her mom say “I love you.” Charly’s response was unexpected, as her audiologist warned the family […]

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NEWSFLASH: Hearing aids ARE cool!

cool hearing aids

It’s time we talk about something important. We need to change the narrative about hearing aids. It’s time people start complimenting how awesome hearing aids are, not commenting under their breath about their discreetness. We want people to stop thinking that hearing aids are uncool. Because they aren’t. Hearing aids are cool! Today, hearing aids […]

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What is a Roger Pen and is it worth it?

what is a Roger Pen

Being aware of the technology and resources available for someone with hearing loss is one of the biggest barriers in accessibility. Rebekah F. Cunningham,  a  Pediatric Business Development Manager at Phonak recently attended The Hands & Voices Leadership Conference 2017, and saw first-hand the response of users and parents who could benefit from hearing technology.   As I […]

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Solutions for single-sided hearing loss

What do you do when you have hearing loss in one ear and good hearing in the other? Do you use a combination of positioning strategies and lipreading or, do you consider getting a hearing aid – or two? I recently wrote a post about the jargon and solutions relating to single-sided hearing or, to […]

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What is single-sided hearing?

embrace your hearing aids

When you enter the world of hearing loss, it feel as though you are expected to learn a new language. There is so much jargon to get used to: ‘unilateral’, ‘sensorineural’, ‘conductive’, ‘profound’, ‘CROS’… the list goes on.  When I first started experiencing hearing loss, I became aware of a new language. It was one […]

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Ask Anna: What is a Roger Pen and how does it work?

roger pen

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. Dear Anna, I recently started college and I am trying to decide what hearing accessories will be best for when I am in the classroom or participating in extracurricular activities. I’ve heard about the Roger Pen, but I don’t know much about it. […]

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