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November 16, 2022
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November 23, 2022

Phonak Roger Soundfield system offers more peace in the classroom

roger soundfield in the classroom
Before the Phonak Roger Soundfield system was introduced at Nellie’s school, she sometimes had difficulty keeping up in the lessons in some situations, such as when there was a high level of noise in the classroom.

Now, however, things are different; and Nellie is not alone in agreeing that clear improvements have been made in the teaching. The headteacher at the school, the teachers, and the other pupils in the class also notice a big difference since the system was introduced.

Using Roger Soundfield in the Classroom

The Roger™ Classroom Soundfield System is a teacher’s voice amplifier designed to improve hearing and learning for students and avoid teacher vocal strain. The heart of the SoundField system consists of the Roger wireless touchscreen microphone and the Roger DigiMaster speaker. Usually worn around the neck, the Roger Touchscreen Mic sends the teacher’s voice to the Roger DigiMaster speaker. The Roger Touchscreen Mic continuously estimates the ambient noise and automatically optimizes the volume to keep speech loud and clear for improved speech understanding.

“Since the school introduced the SoundField system, I think the pupils have been able to pay more attention to what is being said during class,” says Johan Henriksson, a teacher at Rönnowskolan Elementary School in Sweden.

The school’s headteacher, Mathias Dettman, is also pleased with the results and the feedback he has received from both teachers and pupils.

“I have received some very positive reactions from my teachers who say that the work environment has improved significantly since we introduced the system of microphones,” he says.

The teaching should be the same for everyone

“The best thing about the SoundField system is that I can clearly hear what the teacher is saying, although sometimes it can get a bit noisy in the classroom,” says Nellie.

For all pupils to hear what the teacher is saying, regardless of where in the classroom they are sitting, and for pupils with hearing impairment to be able to participate in the lessons in the same way as the other pupils, are now seen as only natural at Rönnowskolan. So even though the path to achieving the goal is not always straightforward and simple, everyone is focused on meeting the goal.

“We are targeting all available resources in order to achieve the goal, and a major step on the way is to ensure in the long term that all classrooms are equipped with the Roger SoundField system,” says headteacher Mathias Dettman.

Positive for both teaching and effective learning

Nellie describes how although her class is often calm, in the afternoons when everyone is tired the classroom can get a little restless. It’s then when she finds it good to have the system in place.

“Even though it’s loud in the classroom and a lot of people are moving around, I can still hear clearly what the teacher is saying, and that means I can always keep up with the lessons,” she says.

Teacher Johan Henriksson agrees. “We don’t need to strain our voices during the lessons and we can make ourselves heard by the pupils in a very simple way with the aid of the loudspeakers, regardless of where in the classroom the pupils are sitting,” he says. “It is positive for both the teaching and for effective learning.”

Facts about Roger Soundfield in the Classroom

This is Roger™ SoundField

An easy-to-use sound equalization system that provides the best possible sound for everyone in the classroom without teachers having to strain their voices. The best learning takes place when the pupils can hear clearly and the teachers can talk at a comfortable level. Roger SoundField is an easy-to-use and effective system that transmits sound from a teacher’s microphone via loudspeakers so that all the pupils can hear equally as well, regardless of where in the classroom they are sitting.

  • Better listening. Clearer sound and improved learning
  • Less repetition. Teachers can spend less time repeating themselves and more time on the lesson itself
  • More comfortable vocal pitch.
Teachers do not need to speak louder to be heard

Watch: Roger™ SoundField – optimizing audibility

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