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Phonak announces Audéo Life waterproof hearing aids

Audéo Life
Phonak recently announced the latest addition to its Paradise line of hearing aid technology. Called the Phonak Audéo Life, it is the world’s first rechargeable hearing aid that is also waterproof, shower-proof, and sweat-proof.

The Audéo Life is now available in the US (only in Premium performance level), and will be available in other markets in early 2022.

Audéo Life Features

Phonak’s Audéo Life hearing aid has Paradise technology for mild to moderate hearing loss. This includes universal connectivity with multiple active Bluetooth connections, hands-free conversations and Tap Control for easy access to voice assistants. These hearing aids, however, are also designed to be more durable. They have a Parylene coating, which acts as a sealant.

These are also the first Phonak hearing aids with a new induction charger called the Phonak Charger Case Go. When the hearing aid is in the charger case, they’re magnetically held into place and charged. The charger is meant to be portable.

The waterproof feature means that the aids are waterproof in up to 50 cm of water.

“The aids are waterproof in up to 50 cm of water.”

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Boosting Consumer Confidence

According to Phonak, research shows that Audéo Life would motivate one in five people with untreated hearing loss to get their first pair of hearing aids. In addition, they may also help reduce the anxiety associated with wearing hearing aids around water or during physical activities.

Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aid! Review Coming Soon!

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