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Phonak introduces the ActiveVent Receiver

ActiveVent Receiver

Phonak has introduced the world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver. Called the ActiveVent Receiver, it’s the newest feature of the Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aid, which gives users with mild-to-moderate low frequency hearing loss a better listening experience.

What is a Hearing Aid Receiver?

A hearing aid receiver is also known as the speaker. Sound is processed through the microphone and amplified accordingly. The electrical signal from the amplifier is sent to the speaker, or receiver. The receiver then converts it to acoustic energy, or sound, so the wearer can hear it.

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The ActiveVent Receiver

What’s different about the ActiveVent Receiver is that it’s smart. It picks one of two positions — open or closed — based on the listening environment to ensure the best sound. This is done seamlessly and automatically.

“What’s different about the ActiveVent Receiver is that it’s smart.”

Open position allows for direct sound. Challenging listening situations like speech in loud noise or streaming result in a closed position. Environmental sounds are blocked from directly entering the ear. This allows the receiver to focus on speech.


According to Phonak, features include:

  • Balancing speech clarity in noise and listening comfort
  • Superior sound quality for streaming media
  • Preserving naturalness of own voice perception while improving hearing performance

Phonak describes the ActiveVent Receiver as combining “the hearing performance of a closed fit with the comfort of open fit.” This receiver has been proven to help hearing aid wearers more easily block noise. According to Phonak, it provides an average of 10% better speech clarity in noisy situations while providing natural sound in various listening situations.

The ActiveVent Receiver is compatible with all Phonak Audeo Paradise rechargeable hearing aids, which are typically used for milder hearing loss.

World’s First Intelligent Receiver for Hearing Aids

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