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Phonak hEARos share tips for staying positive while at home

Phonak hEARos share tips for staying positive
Due to COVID-19 we are staying safe at home and properly social distancing ourselves from others.

Although it is great to stay safe, it can be hard to stay positive and active all day while out home. Our Phonak hEARos share tips for staying positive while staying at home and how to make the most of your time during the worldwide pandemic lockdown!

Luke Christian, vlogger for HearingLikeMe, posted a YouTube video explaining what his life saying at home looks like.

“Now’s a good time for me to start yoga,” Luke explains what he is doing now that he has more free time. “Now is a good time for me to actually do the things that I’ve always tried to put off because ‘I never got time’ or just ‘can’t be arsed’ basically.”

Not only has Luke start yoga, but he also is following the Joe Wicks 90-day plan, to get into a cardio exercise routine.

“I think in this lockdown as well it’s really important to keep your mind active and keep your body active as well!” Luke recommends to everyone at home.

He also recognizes that even though some people have more time on their hands, it doesn’t mean they have to make themselves extremely busy. Everyone is productive and reacts to this situation in their own way, which is important to honor.

Tips for staying positive while at home

Luke reached out to his other fellow Phonak hEARos and asked how they are doing during this time. They all offered their top tips for staying positive and making a safe stay at home more enjoyable.

1) Spend a day in your favorite pajamas and have a dance party

Phonak hEARo and vlogger, Labbie Jolaoso, shares how she is staying happy during her time at home.

She puts on her comfortable pajamas each day! She is also practicing the keyboard, remodeling her room, continuing her university classes online and enjoying dance breaks with others on the social media platform, Tik Tok.

If I am going to be staying at home, doing nothing, pajamas are the way to go! Labbie says.

2) Prioritize your mental health

Toyosi Badejo-Okujanya, a Phonak hEARo and Instagram influencer, stresses the importance of prioritizing your mental health while staying at home.

“Don’t feel like you have to do anything, don’t feel like you have to stretch yourself, don’t feel like you have to do something productive too because it is ‘good and everything’,” Toyosi says, “Just do what you want, go with the flow, do what your mind tells you. And make sure that you are reading a book, learning new things at least to protect your energy and mind. We’re surrounded by so much negativity and if we don’t try our best to make ourselves happy then we’ll get worked up in all of it.”

Toyosi also reminds everyone to be sure to clean your hearing technology in addition to cleaning your hands.

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3) Talk about the good news happening in the world

There is a lot of negative news that we hear all day, but Phonak hEARo, and vlogger Ashley Derrington encourages us to read the positive news too! She mentions that people around the world are coming together to support one another.

“I get so excited every day just reading the news stories about how people are coming together and connecting,” says Ashley. “In my house, I’m here with my parents, and each day we sit down and have conversations about those types of stories that we’re reading and we can’t help but smile and be uplifted by that experience.”

“I get so excited every day just reading the news stories about how people are coming together and connecting,”

Ashley says that not only have the positive news stories brought her family together, she is also spending high-quality time with them doing other activities such as crafts and puzzles.

“For us, it’s been this opportunity to reconnect as a family and spend some time together!” Ashley explains with a smile.

4) Write down activities to look forward to

Phonak hEARo and HearingLikeMe writer, Ellie, also known as Deafie Blogger, is taking everything one day at a time. As a way to keep spirits up, she recommends finding a jar and every time you have an idea of something you want to do once the lock-down is over, write it down and put it in the jar. This will give you something to look forward to and will give you plenty of activities to do when the world goes back to normal.

“When everything is normal again, have a look in the jar and do some of the fun things!” Ellie says.

In the meantime, Ellie recommends reading blogs and watching videos.

What are your favorite activities to do at home?

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