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Phonak unveils better hearing aids for speech understanding with Lumity platform

hearing aids for speech understanding
Phonak recently unveiled a new hearing aid platform called “Lumity,” which delivers a big step forward in speech-understanding in background noise.

The new hearing aids include an update to Phonak’s directional microphone technology, StereoZoom, and a new feature called “Speech Sensor,” a 360 degree speech detection algorithm allowing better understanding in conversations.

Hearing Aids for Better Speech Understanding

hearing aids for speech understanding

Lumity features Phonak’s SmartSpeech ™ Technology for improved speech understanding, which runs under a new program called AutoSense 5.0. According to Phonak, this new platform provides “16 percent better speech understanding from the front, compared to standard fixed directional settings, and an average of 15 percent better speech intelligibility from the back and sides compared to older implementation of front focus.” (1)

No matter the situation or environment, Lumity users will experience reduced listening effort.

“No matter the situation or environment, Lumity users will experience reduced listening effort.”

With Lumity, there is also a new dimension in directional microphone technology. It has improved speech detection and speech understanding through new StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor. Until now, directional microphone technology was one dimensional. Now it will be smoother, gradual, and continuously adaptive. Users will be able to better understand who they’re talking to and be aware of their environment, according to Phonak. Before it was one or the other.

Phonak Lumity Features

The Lumity platform is designed for people with mild-to-profound hearing loss. Features available with Lumity include:

      • Improved speech understanding in noise thanks to adaptable directional microphones (StereoZoom 2.0)
      • Personalized noise cancelling
      • Universal Bluetooth connectivity
      • Pairing with the myPhonak app (with manual override option)
      • Health data tracking with myPhonak
      • Compatible with the ActiveVent receiver and Roger microphone technology
      • Access voice assistant apps with a tap
      • Rechargeable
      • Wide range of colors

Hearing Aids With Lumity

hearing aids for speech understanding

Hearing aids with the Lumity platform include the Audéo L-R (receiver-in-canal), Audéo L-RT (receiver-in-canal with telecoil), and the Audéo Life (waterproof device for physically demanding environments). All devices are rechargeable to enable various hearing performance features.

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“Despite many significant advancements in hearing aid functionality and ease of use, hearing care professionals and their clients continue to ask for ways to enhance what is the most basic but still the most important purpose of a hearing aid: better speech understanding,” said Angela Pelosi, Director of Global Audiology for Phonak. “With Lumity, we’re delivering on that front with technology that offers our best performance in speech understanding, even in loud noise environments. This platform proudly builds on Phonak’s heritage of more than 75 years dedicated to creating innovative hearing solutions that impact the lives of millions of people.”

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Phonak hearing aids with the Lumity platform will be available soon. Connect with your audiologist or hearing care provider to learn more, or visit the Phonak website for more information. 

(1) Woodward, J and Latzel, M (2022) New implementation of directional beamforming configurations show improved
speech understanding and reduced listening effort.. Phonak Field Study News in preparation. Expected end of 2022

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