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Phonak’s new hearing aid delivers everything nature offers, and more

Phonak Paradise new hearing aids
Imagine rediscovering the world of sound exactly how nature intended, with the added benefit of the technological advances of the modern world.

That’s what Phonak promises to deliver in their new Audéo Paradise hearing aid.

The new Audéo Paradise hearing aidPhonak Paradise hearing aids

The latest multifunctional hearing aid by Phonak includes newly developed hardware and software that works synchronously to give people with hearing loss access to nature’s subtle layers and textures of sounds, along with the latest Bluetooth technology, rechargeability, Motion Sensor Hearing, speech enhancers and noise-canceling features.

Now, hearing aid users can answer phone calls and control audio streaming with a simple tap, or connect with their hearing care professional through an app.

The Phonak Audéo Paradise is a true wonder of sound. Here’s a breakdown of all the new features:

Features of the new Phonak Paradise hearing aids

Crisp, natural sound

Phonak’s new hearing aids are the first to include the PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip. The new sound processing chip allows consumers to rediscover the wonders of sound from the moment they are fit.

Brilliant speech understanding

 A new feature called Speech Enhancer allowed users to better understand someone who is speaking softly or speaking from a distance in a quiet environment.

The new Phonak hearing aids also include Motion Sensor Hearing. This detects when the wearer is moving and having a conversation, and can automatically steer the hearing aid microphones for brilliant speech understanding.

Personalized noise canceling

Phonak Audéo Paradise wearers can access a new personalized noise canceling feature in the myPhonak app. The Dynamic Noise Cancellation feature makes it easy to have a conversation with a friend in a noisy restaurant.

Empowering smart apps

The myPhonak 4.0 app offers various controls and functionalities to personalize the hearing aid settings in real-time.

Simply download the myPhonak app (Google Play or App Store) and access the  Remote Control to adjust and control your hearing aids in real-time.

The Phonak Hearing Screener has also been upgraded so that any person can quickly receive a hearing assessment online. 


The new Phonak hearing aids now allow users to connect to multiple Bluetooth connections simultaneously. The wearer can easily switch streamed audio from one device to another across virtually any smart device or operating system. 


Eliminate the hassle of hearing aid batteries.

Phonak Paradise is powered by proven lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology and provides a full day of listening including audio streaming.

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Made for all

The new Phonak Paradise connects directly to all smartphones, including iOS®, Android™, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

Tap Control

 A new feature allows you to answer phone calls, activate voice assistance and control music streaming, just by tapping your ear.

To complement the Tap Control, Paradise utilizes a built-in microphone, which allows users to make hands-free phone calls and utilize voice assistance.

Remote Support

In select markets, the new Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids allow users to connect directly to their hearing care professional to fit and adjust their hearing aids in real-time.

“This is helpful in situations where you can’t make it for a personal consultation,” according to the press release. “Or, if you simply want your hearing care professional to optimize your hearing aids in real-life situations and not in the clinic alone.

Hearing Diary

When opted in, users can track their hearing experience with a new Hearing Diary. Utilizing this feature in the MyPhonak app, users can share feedback with their hearing care professional.

“In addition, you and a partner can perform certain tasks to learn more about your hearing aid and get accustomed to it in different listening situations,” according to the press release.

AirStream™ technology

The new Phonak hearing aids also support former hearing aid accessories such as the Phonak TV Connector.

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Nature-inspired colors

The new Phonak Audéo Paradise comes in seven nature-inspired colors, from sand beige to velvet black.

new Phonak hearing aids

The Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids will be available for pre-order by licensed hearing care professionals from August 19, 2020. All performance levels across four models are available, as well as all Roger compatible, including the Audéo P-RT, a lithium-ion rechargeable model with a telecoil.

To learn more about the Audéo Paradise hearing aids, visit, or locate a hearing care professional near you.

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