What happened when I went to my first audiology appointment alone

Over the last 20 years of my life, audiology appointments have become a regular commitment in my life, due to my profound hearing loss. Up until I turned 18, I was in the children’s Audiology department, and for each routine appointment and check-up I would visit my audiologist with my parents. Now that I’m older, I’m […]

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How my hearing aids survived a pool party

waterproof hearing aids

A few summers ago, I had one of my worst nightmares come true. My hearing aids got wet. When it happened, it was like super slow motion, as gravity pulled me into the pool. I tried to find some way to keep my head above water.  I flailed my arms and kicked away I can […]

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Gaining confidence through sport, teen excels with hearing loss

teen gains confidence with hearing loss through sport deaf rugby player

Encouraging children to be confident with their hearing technology often goes hand-in-hand with their confidence levels in other aspects of their lives. With the right support, knowledge and community, kids often do better with managing and talking about their hearing loss. And while parents play a large part in helping kids with hearing loss gain […]

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