• Living


    Living with hearing loss means clearing hurdles and celebrating successes every day. At home. At work. At play. Life is big. Live it. Read our stories
  • Raising


    Raising deaf and hard of hearing children is an incredible experience, from the pain of diagnosis to the unexpected gifts these children bring into our lives. Read our stories
  • Supporting


    Supporting someone with hearing loss is an art. Understand the issues at work in this complex communication landscape. Read our stories
  • Learning


    Learning strategies that make a difference for deaf and hard of hearing kids. When it comes to the classroom, it’s all about access. Read our stories
  • Facts


    The facts about hearing loss provide a foundation for understanding the overall landscape of this new territory. Read our stories
Hearing Loss and School.

Hearing Loss and School.

Lunchtime logistics, hallway navigation, and other school-day social maneuvers.
10 things no one tells you about being a deaf teen

10 things no one tells you about being a deaf teen

Most people think that hearing loss is associated with old age, but in fact anybody can have a hearing loss, including teenagers like me!

I’m turning 20 next month, so with 7 years of experience, here’s the dl on what no one tells you about being a deaf teen:

The Evolution of Wireless

The Evolution of Wireless

Wireless audio systems for children with hearing loss, have improved dramatically since the 1960s.
Stand Up For Your Child.

Stand Up For Your Child.

Find out what’s available for your child in the classroom.

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