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January 2, 2020
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January Book Club: Four Days with Kenny Tedford

The HearingLikeMe team loves supporting #deaftalent and learning about the different perspectives of people who are living their lives fully, despite their hearing loss. To celebrate our challenges and expand our knowledge with the deaf community, we have a monthly book club. Join in and read with us!

In December, we’re reading “Four Days with Kenny Tedford,” by Paul Smith & Kenny Tedford, Jr.

About the Book

“Four Days with Kenny Tedford: Life Though the Eyes of a Child Trapped in a Partially Blind and Deaf Man’s Body,” is a book co-written by Paul Smith and Kenneth “Kenny” Lee Tedford Jr.

The partially-autobiographical book tells the story of Kenny, a man born with brain damage that left him with the intellectual ability of a 4th grader. Deaf in both ears and legally blind in one eye, Tedford also has partial paralysis on his left side, and had difficulty speaking until the age of ten.

“Kenny Tedford, Jr. is a remarkable combination of Helen Keller and Forrest Gump,” says Paul Smith, the author.

This is a story of courage, faith, family, persistence, pride, hard work, kindness, respect, and humility.

About the Authors

Paul Smith

Paul is one of the world’s leading experts on organizational storytelling and one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018. He’s the bestselling author of several books, including Lead with a Story and The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell, and a 20-year former executive at Procter & Gamble. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, and Fast Company, among others. He can be found at www.leadwithastory.com.

Kenny Tedford, Jr.

Master storyteller Kenny Tedford, Jr. is a man of many talents: a motivational speaker, actor, comedian, counselor, experienced Deaf ministry leader, and former Executive Director of the Tennessee Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

According to his autobiography on Amazon.com, “Kenny Tedford is one of only two deaf people in the world with a master’s degree in storytelling, which he earned at 55, almost half a century after being told by teachers and psychologists that he would never complete the third grade.”

He can be found at www.kennytedford.com.

Join the HLM Book Club

The HearingLikeMe team is inviting readers and Phonak hEARos to join the HLM Book Club, which focuses on deaf and hard of hearing authors.

To participate in the book club,  simply read the chosen book of the month, then join the conversation on Instagram and the HLM Facebook community. If you’d like to be part of a closer discussion, you can also apply to be a Phonak hEARo.

At the end of the month, we will post a review on HearingLikeMe.com with insights from all of the book club participants.

February’s book pick

Do you have a suggestion for our next book of the month? We accept suggestions by any deaf or hard-of-hearing authors, as well as books around the topic of hearing loss. Let us know! 

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