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How children with hearing loss can hear 5,300 more words every day

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Did you know that children need to hear approximately 45 million words by age four to be ready for school? In fact, research shows that the more words child hear allow them to not only be better prepared for school but also enable them to have bigger vocabularies and be stronger readers.

Reaching these language targets can be challenging for children with hearing loss. However, new research has found that using microphone systems along with hearing aids or cochlear implants can help.

Here’s how: 

Consistent hearing aid use and a language-rich environment are a must if a family’s goal is spoken language. With microphone technology, consisting of a wireless microphone and a receiver attached to your child’s hearing device, a remote microphone system can play a vital role in providing clear sound and essential language exposure.

Here are three ways a remote Phonak Roger microphone system can make a difference in your child’s language development:

1. Access to thousands of more words every day

When preschool children used a Phonak Roger microphone system in their homes, they were exposed to approximately 5,300 more words in an 8 hour day, compared to wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants alone, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University. This amounts to 11 more words per minute!

Sounds impressive, but what does giving your young child access to more words really mean? Well, we know that…

  • There is a positive relationship between the number of words children are exposed and their subsequent vocabulary.
  • Additional language exposure could increase the opportunities to learn and acquire language.
  • Exposure to words has been shown to have a significant impact on children’s cognitive abilities, language abilities and academic success.

2. Greater responsiveness and less frustration

In this same study, 80 percent of families reported greater responsiveness and 35 percent reported less frustration in their children while using Roger.

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3. Better hearing in challenging listening situations

There are many situations where parents have found their little one’s hearing aids or cochlear implants need microphone technology to help them hear parent or caregiver speech.

Here are a handful of examples:

  • Sitting in a stroller – It can be difficult to hear you when you’re speaking from behind the stroller.
  • Visiting a playground – Your child will likely be surrounded by noise and playing at a distance from you.
  • Talking in the car – It can be challenging to hear you from the back seat of the car.
  • Attending preschool or daycare – Instructions from the teacher can be difficult to hear in a room full of children.
  • Enjoying musical activities in a playgroup – Responsiveness to music can be enhanced for maximum enjoyment and benefit. 

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If you’re interested in getting microphone technology for your child, please talk to your audiologist. You can learn more about Phonak’s hearing solutions for children, here.

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