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3 days ago

Adam Rivers

Hi, is anyone else British and get their ha's with NHS if so what model did you get. Mine are the Phonak nathos s+ m which is the standard in the south west. ... See MoreSee Less

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I have Siemens Teneo M+ from the NHS in the South East!

I have phone naira sp from torbay NHS SW.

What are your opinions on them?

The Phonak Naida SP was very good particularly when paired with a Roger Pen. Now my hearing is deaf right ear, profound left ear. So the Sp is no longer powerful enough. Waiting for a reply from Veterans Hearing Fund to see if they will fund latest Naida V UP.

I hope they do for you. I am on the nathos s+ m which does mild to severe and I am severe in both ears and was asked if I wanted an sp and am debating it.

3 days ago


Let's welcome our new members:
Robert van der Vijver, Michal Ozmina, Jessica Bowes Pemberton, Sabrina Hasnat, Nancy Schadtle Marino, Margaret Dyck, Tom Hildebrand, Barry Beegle, Yvonne Davies. Feel free to introduce yourselves and let us know what motivates you to join the HearingLikeMe Community!
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Thank you!!


It would be nice to talk to others like me I have being wearing hearing aids for a long while I'm a mom with 4children they are all grown up all have a hearing loss of moderate to severe hearing loss mine is moderate many people have laughed at us yes it hurt but I need the hearing aids to hear and I thank you for being their for me it's nice to know that I'm not alone I really don't have friends I'm thankful to be apart of this group thanks very much 😊

Hi Margaret. I know about not having friends who understand hearing loss, and, how hurtful it can be to get teased, criticized, ignored and disregarded due to not hearing or misunderstanding. No one would ever tease or criticize a blind person, or a physically handicapped person, but for some reason it's been OK to do so to folks with hearing loss. Maybe things will be better going forward......

Anyone who would laugh at you for having hearing aides is worthless, who needs a friend like that! You can talk to us here, you're not alone!

Hi here is my story. On July 6 this year I had very sharp pain in my left ear, I thought I had swimmers ear. I then developed bad vertigo nausea and pain on the left side of my head along with the ear pain and a muffled weird heaviness on the left.I was bed bound for days not able to eat or drink or even move. I got super dehydrated and went to the ER nothing wrong got a bunch of iv fluids and nausea medication. It helped but I couldn't walk right I looked drunk and still had all the other symptoms. I went to my doctor and had an MRI started on antibiotics and steroids. The MRI showed a mastoid effusion and I was hospitalized for intravenous steroids and antibiotics. The head and neck surgeon was surprised when he examined me, he found that my hearing loss was not conductive it was nerve damage. He said it was vital and it seemed like shingles but I had no sores. I then went through hearing testing and had moderate to severe loss, I started intratympanic steroid injections to attempt to preserve my hearing, didn't work I am profoundly deaf now. Fast forward to current month I just had an anchor placed for my BAHA! I still have some balance issues but I'm on the road to my new normal ... See MoreSee Less


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Hi Jessica Bowes Pemberton, When is your switch on date? Wishing you all the best. Please let us know how you get on.

Wow that sounds like a nightmare! Glad they figured out what was going on! I had labyrinthitis once (causes severe vertigo) it was horrible!

20 hours ago

John St Jean

Hi everyone. Thanks for allowing me to join the group. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Denise Farris

I will be picking up and getting fitted for my Bicros aids on Friday. I ordered them in red! ... See MoreSee Less


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Ooh, that red is such a fab colour! Do let us know how you get on.

2 days ago

Tom Hildebrand

Thanks for including me in your community! In 1968, I suffered an inner ear injury/infection that caused permanent hearing loss in my right ear. After concluding medical treatment, as a 16 year old, I was fitted with “the best” hearing aid for my loss, consisting of a case, cord and earpiece. You can find these in museums! I’ve worn hearing aids off and on for 49 years, and am now using binaural RIC aids. My loss is severe/profound on the right and severe on the left. Despite this, I had a successful career, raised a family and found ways to “get by”. Throughout the journey, I’ve never had friends or family that could relate or understand. Here’s hoping I can help others, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way! ... See MoreSee Less


I was diagnosed Friday with moderate hearing loss. I am 49 years old. When I asked if they knew what caused it, they told me it was my age. I’ve had ringing in my ears and severe headaches (not sure if it is connected) but I’m not 100% sure my hearing loss is due to age only.
I’m going for a second opinion

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Ringing in the ears and headaches suggest tinittus not commonly linked to age based hearing but rather trauma

But I'm not a doctor so don't take that as meaning much

I'm not a doctor but I disagree about hearing loss as mainly age related at 49.

Age related well I had good hearing until the age maybe 30 one day I thought I had a cold I went to my doctor and he told me to keep holding my fingers on my nose and keep blowing it probably just a cold it didn't work I had shearing test and it showed I had a mild hearing loss . We have 4 children now grown all 4 have a hearing loss I now wear hearing aids my hearing loss is now moderate I get lots of room gong sounds very loud at times it hurts and as I stand up my ears seam to be plugged up and I cannot hear for a few minutes after a while my hearing comes back it's difficult the doctors said there's 128 different des eases and we have one of them .one day at a time I now going to be 58 December 12 th my hearing haven't changed but still very difficult to deal with

3 days ago

Yvonne Davies

I have a bilateral conductive hearing loss. I had a tympanoplasty status mobilisation in 1992 and then a tympanotomy & ossiculoplasty in the other ear in 2004. I now use hearing aids in both ears and am trying to use the Roger Pen to help me with communication at work. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Eloise Ruth Garland

Tune in at 11.30am tomorrow, on BBC Radio 4!

Can Deaf people appreciate music? If so, how? That's the topic of the BBC Radio 4 documentary, 'The Art of Living: Listening Without Ears.'
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