What is HearingLossHour?

HearingLossHour is a live twitter chat for people with hearing loss. Each month, there is a different topic relating to hearing loss, and a facilitated discussion, tips, resources, and support.

When does HearingLossHour take place?

HearingLossHour takes place at 1pm (UK time) on the first Tuesday of every month.

If you’d like to be part of a closer discussion, you can also apply to be a Phonak hEARo.

What happens during #HearingLossHour?

Originally, HearingLossHour was launched with the aim of helping people new to hearing loss, connecting them with others to give support and share experiences.

But, since its launch in 2015, it has become a community of people with all different types of hearing loss, some of whom have had hearing issues since birth, and others who are experiencing hearing loss for the first time right now.

Each month, there is a different theme for the discussion and 3 or 4 questions which come from the @HearingLossHour Twitter account. Everyone is invited to then tweet their answers and share their experiences, tips and support.

How to join in

HearingLossHour takes place on Twitter.

To join in, you will need a Twitter account.

To get the most out of HearingLossHour, it's a good idea to first become familiar with Twitter: how to Tweet, retweet, and how to add links and images to tweets. Here are the basics to get you started #HearingLossHour takes place at 1 PM (UK time) on the first Tuesday of the month. Taking part is the same for everyone. Go to the Twitter search box and search for #HearingLossHour. Then click on 'Latest Tweets'. The timeline will continue to refresh with new tweets throughout the hour.

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What is HearingLossHour? And who founded it?