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Ask Anna: Why do my hearing aids keep dying at random times?

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Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna: One of my daughter’s hearing aid battery keeps dying at random times. However, once I reset it – by opening and closing the battery door – it will come back on and work fine and appears to be sounding normal as well. Do you know why this is happening? – Kate in Wales

Hi Kate,

This shouldn’t be happening to the hearing aid battery. It sounds like it is an intermittent fault, and unfortunately, it is hard to say what the cause is.

If the hearing aid restarts after opening and closing the battery door, it could be something wrong with how the hearing aid is programmed, there could also be a simpler explanation, such as moisture or humidity causing problems with the battery and making it temporarily shut down.

Another explanation could be that there is something wrong with the batteries themselves. Have you tried using a new set of batteries? These tips for hearing aid batteries might also be useful. 

Whatever the cause of the problem I would advise taking the devices into your daughter’s audiologist to get them checked. Explain what is happening when the hearing aid battery keeps dying, and they will help isolate the cause.

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