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Ask Anna: How do I know when my child’s hearing aid batteries are dead?

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Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community. 

Dear Anna,

My 5-month-old has had her hearing aids for a few months now, and we check and clean them every day. She seems to enjoy wearing them, but I’m having a difficult time ensuring they batteries are working properly. Since she’s too young to tell me if they are dead, is there a trick to determine when the battery will run out? – Emma’s Mom in Minnesota

Dear Emma’s Mom,

This can indeed be a challenging experience, but there are a few different ways to cope with this. 

First you want to make sure the batteries are properly charged before inserting them in your child’s hearing aids. Zinc Air hearing aid batteries use air as an energy source, and the tab seals the air holes on the battery. To activate the batteries properly, remove the sticker tab and wait between two and five minutes before inserting it in your child’s hearing aid. 

(If the battery is not properly charged, it can reduce the number of days that it works, and may limit the voltage power. Once you remove the tab, activation begins.)  

Multiple factors can affect the running time of the hearing aid battery, including the number of hours of use per day, the amplification and the features of the hearing aid being used – such as streaming. 

When you test your child’s hearing aids daily, by using a battery tester, you’ll be able to get a good idea about how long they are lasting.  Just place the battery in the tester and it will give an indication of how much power is left. If it indicates that power is already under 40%, then it is probably safer to insert a new battery for the day.

We’ve also heard of parent’s setting a reminder in their calendars for when it’s time to replace the batteries on their child’s hearing aids.  


If you’re looking for a new hearing aid for your child, Phonak’s newest pediatric hearing aid, Sky V, makes this battery guessing game even easier, by alerting parents and caregivers about battery life through an LED light.

The small LED light is on the top of the hearing aid, and begins to blink when the battery life decreases. Approximately 30 minutes before the battery dies completely the LED will start to blink – three times in succession. The LED will not provide any light when the battery runs out completely.

If you’re interested in the new Sky V hearing aid, talk to your audiologist or learn more here.

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