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10 juillet 2017
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18 juillet 2017

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When a person has trouble hearing, they need the help of everyone around them. A responsibility that often falls on family members and a help that can make a big difference in one’s life.

Being supported by someone who knows how to communicate with you, who knows how to adapt to your functioning to engage you in conversations and who is by your side throughout your journey to hearing is a great help. of utmost importance when you have a hearing impairment.

By sharing the words of some mothers, we pay tribute to all those whose help and presence have incredible effects on the daily struggle of their children!

Sylvia, @sylvia_mv5

« Having a child with hearing loss has taught our family a lot. The best thing is watching her grow and learn despite her disability. Watching her play and interact with her classmates and knowing that she hears them is a feeling that I do not know. can explain … it warms my heart every time. « – Sylvia

Jen, @myorganizedchaos

« My son doesn’t let his hearing loss limit him or prevent him from doing what he loves. Music for example. He lives every note, every chord, every word to the full. When he picks up his electric guitar and begins to play , my heart smiles seeing him put all his energy into it, in the most total abandonment. To be able to feel life through its dynamism and its magic, there is nothing stronger. This is the most beautiful of rewards. See obstacles and limits fall .  » – Jen


« The best part about having a child with hearing loss is her hearing ‘gain’. Because in my opinion, we really ‘gained’ more than ‘lost’. Thanks to her hearing aids and at sign language Nyah learned over 200 words. she said ‘Mum’ and ‘I love you’ for the first time my wildest dreams came true. Plus we also won a second family to the deaf and hard of hearing community in our region. Without the affection and support that various local organizations have given us, all of Nyah’s progress, as well as mine, would not have been possible. ‘have not lost anything, we have gained the unimaginable.  » – Liza

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Kirsten Brackett
Kirsten Brackett
Kirsten est la rédactrice en chef de Hearing Like Me. Elle a une perte auditive modérée et porte actuellement des aides auditives rechargeables Phonak Audéo B-R. En plus de travailler pour Hearing Like Me, elle aime découvrir de nouvelles villes, essayer de nouvelles recettes dans sa cuisine ou faire de la randonnée. Elle adore apprendre les différentes cultures et langues.