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Forbes names Phonak among best waterproof hearing aids

Phonak waterproof hearing aids
Earlier this month, Forbes Health magazine featured Phonak’s Audéo Life Lumity in their Waterproof Hearing Aid Guide. They were listed as among the best.

Addressing Anxiety Around Water

Individuals who rely on hearing aids often feel uncomfortable or hesitant about being near water with their hearing aids. During sports, I’ve had my fair share of times hearing static or crackling sounds because of heavy perspiration. As sounds become distorted, there’s a high risk of needing repair if a dryer is unable to remove moisture. Most times, I’d rather leave my hearing aid out just to enjoy those everyday activities. However, that also means not being able to hear sounds around me.

How is Audéo Life Lumity different?

One of the best features of the Audéo Life Lumity is it’s both sweat-proof and waterproof (up to 50cm or about 19 inches.) According to a Phonak Insight article, these Phonak waterproof hearing aids offer additional protection beyond a standard water-resistant hearing aid.

Some examples of this include:

  • Protection from direct water pressure over microphone
  • Use of inductive charging design that simplifies the number of openings in the housing
  • Silicone seals around ports, locking pins, and housing seams
  • UV Light treatment and drying processes that run concurrently while the hearing aids are charged

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Benefits of Waterproof Hearing Aids

Overall, having a waterproof hearing aid can provide peace of mind. This is especially true for individuals who have experienced moisture-related issues with their aids. Even if the hearing aids are not immersed in water, the added protection of stronger internal seals and protective coatings can help.

“Having a waterproof hearing aid can provide peace of mind.”

This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who lead active lifestyles and enjoy outdoor activities such as jogging, boating, or lounging by the pool. In these situations, there is always a risk of exposure to water or moisture. A waterproof hearing aid can help ensure that the device remains functional and reliable, even in these potentially challenging environments.

Moreover, a waterproof hearing aid can be beneficial for individuals who live in humid or tropical climates, where moisture in the air can be a constant issue. In these situations, a waterproof hearing aid can help prevent damage caused by humidity and ensure that the device continues to function optimally.

Overall, for individuals who have experienced moisture-related issues with their hearing aids, a waterproof device can provide a greater sense of confidence and freedom, allowing them to enjoy their daily activities without worrying about the potential impact on their hearing aid.

After wearing hearing aids for 40 years, I truly appreciate the technological advancements that continue to improve quality of life.
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