Follow Friday: 10 Phonak hEARos to follow on Instagram

Phonak hEARos to follow on Instagram

Update your followers by following these 10 Phonak hEAROs!
Are you looking for more Instagram inspiration in your feed? Follow these Instagrammers and follow their hearing journies!

1. @deafieblogger

You may be familiar with Deafie Blogger on our blog. She is also active on Instagram and always has a creative way to show her hearing aids! Follow here.

2. @limemoney

Do you love Jessica Flores’ videos? Then you will also love her Instagram! Not only does Jessica make awesome decorations for her hearing aids, but she also is an artist. Follow here.

3. @jaimedelpizzo


I am perfectly alright wandering alone, with only me to probe the depths of my own mind

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Jaime is an amazing photographer and gets real about what it is like to live with hearing loss on her Instagram. If you love nature photos too, this is the account for you to see! Follow here.

4. @myorganizedchaos


I was recently asked what is most rewarding about having a child with disabilities + hearing loss. I looked over at my Julian and was overcome with so many raw and overwhelming emotions. Tears stung my eyes as I thought about how in his seven years of being earthside there has never been a day where he’s allowed his hearing loss or different abilities to stop him or limit him from doing the things he’s most passionate about. Like music. This child gets lost in every note, every beat, every word. When he picks up his guitar and begins to strum I can see everything around him begin to fade as a fire deep within him begins to grow. It’s just him and that guitar. Watching him play and give it his all with the most wild and freeing abandon melts this mama into a million beautiful pieces. Experiencing life through his vibrant + magical lens…there is nothing better, friends. And that’s what’s most rewarding. Having a front row seat to obstacles and limits being shattered by a boy whose light is far too radiant for limits. ✨

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This mom of a boy with hearing loss is passionate about spreading hearing loss awareness and showing a whole lot of love. For heartwarming photos of her son Julian and inspiration see her Instagram page! Follow here.

5. @mrlukechristian

Nothing stops Luke from flaunting his hearing aids with style. Keep up with the trends and sleek hearing aid looks with him. Follow here

6. @lucieandthebump


If you’re new here you might not know about Harry’s hearing loss. You’ve probably seen the funny things on his head, or you may not have as they are so easy to miss. I wrote a message this morning to a mother who has just found out her daughter is deaf. Reading her first post about it here on Insta took me right back to diagnosis day for us when our hearts were breaking and I couldn’t see a future for my baby. Wow. That day seems like a million years ago, in another life. My little super bionic boy will cross any bridge you put in front of him. He is fearless, boystrous, funny and kind. He walks, talks, jumps and dances just like any other child and I challenge you to find something he can’t do just because he is deaf. Obviously cochlear implants have been a massive factor in this. Without them he wouldn’t be speaking like he can or enjoying singing along to Moana but he would still be happy and very very loved 💙 This is a bit of a rambley one I know, but Instagram can be a strange fickle and sometimes fake place but other times it’s full of support, kindness and honesty

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Lucie has a son called Harry and he wears cochlear implants! Lucie documents Harry’s hearing journey and all the progress he has made. Lucie is also a vlogger and posts other creative photos. Follow here.

7. @djdemers

Missing the Here to Hear Tour? Don’t worry, you can keep up with D.J. and his adventures on his Instagram account! Follow here.

8. @melissahyder


❤️Link to full video in profile. ❤️Sayge was fitted for her own hearing aids today. Here is a section of the video I took as I put them on her. You can check out the whole video on my Facebook page. Sayge has hearing loss almost exactly like Ayden. Hearing loss is scaled from mild, moderate, severe, profound. Both Ayden and Sayge have hearing loss that is mild in the lower sounds and dips to moderate in the higher sounds. Which means that they both still have a lot of natural hearing but wearing hearing aids gives them access to almost all sounds. Curious about cochlear implants? They are only for individuals that have severe to profound hearing loss and who don’t respond well with hearing aids. How is this determined? At birth they do a newborn hearing test that measures the brain’s response. Meaning it is not a behavior test. Further testing is done to determine the extent and kind of hearing loss and if there are other problems occurring. Thankfully for both my kids they have “isolated” hearing loss which means nothing else is affected. Sayge from birth has been an incredible baby. She has laughed, smiled and responded to us. We would have had no idea she had hearing loss without the newborn screening test. We are so grateful. But now with hearing aids she can hear with the utmost clarity. Sad fact about hearing aids – most states do not cover hearing aids in their insurance plans. Thankfully, The state of Illinois has a very great early intervention program that helps get Sayge her first pair of aids. But after three we have to pay out of pocket. They are about $2500 per ear. And any extra devices like a Roger system (which adds amazing extra benefits) costs even more! None of it is covered. All this to say, we are so incredible obsessed with this little one and feel like she is just a constant gift from God. Thanks for celebrating our amazing daughter with us. Please feel free to ask questions. Thank for for the adorable hearing aids by #phonak.

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Melissa has two children with hearing loss, Ayden and Sayge. You may recognize her from many of our blogs too. Keep up with her children as they live life taking in all the beautiful sounds of the world. Of course, we would never forget that cute video of Sayge hearing Melissa for the first time and being so happy! Follow here.

9. @theblushingbluebird

Christy recently found out that her daughter Charly is deaf. They have made the decision to implant Charly with cochlear implants. Before she gets cochlear implants she will first wear hearing aids. Keep up with their journey on the road to cochlear implants. Follow here.

10. @hear_comes_skye

Skye is just 10-years-old and is giving us a glimpse of what life is like as a kid with hearing aids! Not only does she document her hearing journey on Instagram, but she also makes YouTube videos. Follow here.    
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