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March 10, 2016
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7 ways to celebrate a “hearing birthday”

In my last post I shared the build-up to Harry’s cochlear implant “switch on” and a little bit about his reactions on the day. It’s hard to believe, but that memorable day – March 4 – was more than a year ago. 

To celebrate Harry’s first “hearing birthday” we decided to throw a little party to acknowledge his special day. We want Harry to grow up to be proud of who is he is, the equipment he wears, and understand that he is a deaf person who has been given the gift of hearing through his Advanced Bionics cochlear implants. The day was to make a bit of a fuss of him and his magic ears.

So what does a “hearing birthday” entail? 

I asked my social media followers for ideas on how to celebrate and the most popular response was to put on some music and have a little party!

In my opinion, a party also calls for cake! So I scanned Pinterest for cake ideas and found it was actually quite popular to have a “hearing birthday” party and a cochlear implant or hearing aid shaped cake… however, baking isn’t my strong point to say the least so I ended up cooking an ordinary cake but with a great big “H” on top!

Harry’s daddy cooked up a storm in the kitchen and served up a good old British fry-up, accompanied by pastries, orange juice… and of course the ever important cake! To say we were full up would be an understatement!

And a party isn’t a party without balloons, so my sister, who owns a party store, brought a few bunches to brighten up the room.

[easy-image-collage id=6524]

We didn’t get Harry a gift ourselves, as he had just recently been treated to some new trains, but our family promised him a day out meeting Thomas the Tank Engine and he received some new touchy-feely books!

Here are some of my favourite ideas to celebrate a hearing birthday:

1. Bake a Cake

If you’re a skilled baker you can attempt a cochlear implant or hearing aid design (here are some ideas). Another option is getting an edible photo printed on the cake of the first time they “heard”

2. Have a Party

Play lots of music and play some listening games to celebrate the fact your little one can now hear!

3. Buy a “Noisy” Gift

An album or a noisy musical toy is a great idea. Just make sure they aren’t too loud! Here are some great gift ideas for people with hearing loss

4. See a Movie

Celebrate the gift of sound by going to see a movie. Just make sure your local cinema is equipped with deaf-friendly services.

5. Donate

Give back to those who have helped you or your child on this special journey. Donate to your local or national hearing loss support group or research facility.

6. Write it Down

Much like I do with my blog, its great to document the past year and make notes of special “hearing” moments. it will be great to look back on as the years go by!

7. Decorate your “Ears”

Buy a skin for your cochlear implant or hearing aids or ask your audiologist if they can help you celebrate by getting some sparkly new ear molds!

hearing birthday
Do you have any other ideas for celebrating a “hearing birthday”? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to discuss on the forum!

Author Details
Lucie is a lifestyle blogger and mother living in Hampshire, United Kingdom. She is the mother of Harry, 4 years old, who is profoundly deaf and a bilateral user of cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics. She loves to drink tea, cozy nights with her family and go on Pinterest!