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6 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads with Hearing Loss

gifts for dads with hearing loss

Does your Dad struggle to hear the television or hear the doorbell when it rings? Is he avoiding answering the phone or making calls? It is possible that he may be experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be a sensitive subject and the person with the hearing loss may not yet recognize or acknowledge that loss. Even for people with a longstanding hearing loss, they might not like to talk about how it is affecting them; but, a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day could show them you care and understand.

Here are 6 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads with Hearing Loss:

When someone has hearing loss, some things in daily life may be more difficult: following conversations, hearing the television, making phone calls, or knowing when someone’s at the door. 

If you’ve noticed that your father is struggling to hear, perhaps he would welcome a practical gift that would make communication easier.

Help your Father rise and shineFather

For dads who can’t hear well enough to be woken by an ordinary alarm clock, there are several alternatives available. The Bodyclock alarm clock wakes the user with a natural, gradually brightening light. There are also alarm clocks with flashing lights,  vibrating alarm clocks and ones with vibrating pads that can be placed under the pillow. 

Make sure Dad never misses a visitor


If you’re concerned that your dad is missing the sound of the doorbell, there are a range of extra loud and flashing devices and ones with portable chiming devices. 

Turn Dad’s hearing aids into ‘wireless stereo headphones’


Does your dad use Phonak hearing aids? Does he sometimes find it hard to follow dialogue on TV? The Phonak TVLink enables hearing aid users to receive sound directly into their hearing aids by turning their hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones. (This must be used in conjunction with a ComPilot or ComPilot Air.) 

Does your Dad struggle with telephone conversations?


There are many amplified telephones on the market both for landline use and mobile phones but, for some people, these devices still do not provide the perfect solution. For those who wear hearing aids and struggle to hear well enough to use a telephone, there are a few alternative solutions.

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Cordless phone

The Phonak DECT phone is a cordless phone which connects automatically and wirelessly to Phonak hearing aids (without the need to change the hearing aid program). The DECT phone makes it easier for hearing aid users to hear telephone conversations.  The phone also works as a normal phone by any non-hearing aid users in the family. 

EasyCall for mobile phones

For dads who use hearing aids and who struggle to hear voices on a mobile phone, the gift of a  Phonak EasyCall might be just the thing this Father’s Day. The device easily attaches to any mobile phone and enables the caller’s voice to stream into the user’s hearing aid/s. The accessory eliminates any background noise and makes it easier for them to follow conversations.

To purchase a Phonak hearing aid accessory, contact a hearing care specialist near you. Do you have any other ideas for gifts for dads with hearing loss? Let us know in the comments!

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Phonak hEARo, Angie is a freelance journalist and content writer. Angie was diagnosed with Otosclerosis in her right ear at the age of 30. In 2011, she suffered sudden profound hearing loss in her left ear. She uses a Phonak CROS II with a Phonak Audéo V hearing aid. You can follow Angie on Twitter @hearinglosshour and join in #HearingLossHour on the first Tuesday of the month.