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July 12, 2019
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July 16, 2019

Enjoying summer with hearing loss

enjoying summer with hearing loss
Being in Canada, I often have to endure a long winter. So when the summertime comes for a few months, I make sure to enjoy it the best I can. I have some tips for enjoying your summer with hearing loss.


Summer is filled with many activities, which require lots of hearing aid care and navigation. Enjoying summer with hearing loss means being prepared. Taking a cold dip in a pool can be challenging. I always make sure that my friends know that I am taking out my hearing aids. That way, if they want to talk to me, they know to get close enough so I can read their lips. This also means avoiding those dreaded games that require you to listen, like Marco Polo.

“Enjoying summer with hearing loss means being prepared.”

Always make sure to leave your hearing aids in a safe spot, in a case placed in a shady area. Moisture can get into your hearing aids from sweating, humidity, or being placed near water. Use a dry and store kit to dry it out.

Eating Outside

When it comes to eating with my friends on the patio, I use my Roger Select. I place it in the middle of the table, and let it do all the hard work! Just let the people you are with know so that you can avoid any spills!

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Amusement Parks

Warm summer weather also means opportunities to go on amusement park rides. I always take out my hearing aids when I go on rides to prevent damage or having them fall out. I leave them in the case, placed in a safe spot in my bag.


Summer nights mean fireworks! I always think fireworks are a good way to end the day, but they are very loud. I take my hearing aids out whenever I am watching them since the loud noises and bangs can be overwhelming.

Summer Camp

Summer camps are always fun as well. I use the Roger Pen and give it to the person speaking if we are in a loud environment or a room with an echo.

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Sleepovers are always fun as I come home with lots of memories. Always pack extra hearing aid batteries, since you can never have too many. I bring my Select too, and let my friends know that it would be easier if we talked in a well-lit area. I always ask for closed captions/English subtitles when watching a movie. It is an easy feature on televisions and movies that always goes a long way, making the feeling of inclusion so much easier!

I am so excited for summer 2019. With these tips, my hearing aids and I are prepared to have an awesome summer!

What other tips do you have for enjoying summer with hearing loss?

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Natalie is a 17-year who has mild cookie bite hearing loss. Natalie currently wears the Phonak Marvels in both ears. She enjoys listening to music and studying science.