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Ask Anna: Does my hearing aid have a Telecoil?

does my hearing aid have a telecoil? t-coil technology in hearing aids

Ask Anna is a weekly advice column for the hearing loss community.

Dear Anna,

I’ve seen signs around my community – like at the train station and the theater – about Hearing Loops. It would be great to activate this feature on my hearing aids, and have announcements streamed to my hearing aids. Does my hearing aid have a Telecoil? How do I know if my hearing aid has a T-coil?

– Thomas in Norwich 

Dear Tomas, 

t-coil-logo-blue1-759x1024-222x300When you were fitted with your hearing aids your audiologist should have told you if your hearing aid model has a Telecoil that is accessible via a program. If not, it’s best to call them and ask if they can confirm what hearing aid model you have, and if it has a T-coil option.

If you know the name of the model of your hearing aid this will sometimes indicate if the model is fitted with a Telecoil.

For example, the Phonak Audéo 312 T is our RIC (Receiver-In the-Canal) product that has a Telecoil. The “T” in the name indicates this. In some countries where hearing aids are provided via reimbursement or government schemes it is mandatory to provide hearing aids that have Telecoils built in.

If you find out that you do have a Telecoil you can test it out in public buildings where you see a Telecoil sign.

Telecoil programs in hearing aids can be really useful in public buildings and office  where you need to hear someone behind a glass window at a counter, At the check-out in a store or at a theater when you want to hear the dialogue on stage.

Here you can learn more about T-coil and Hearing Loops: 

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– Anna

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