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D.J. Demers ‘The hearing aid guy’ is back on Conan

deaf comedian on Conan

D.J. Demers, also known as ‘the hearing aid guy’ filled the room with laughter as he performed on Conan last night.

He finds the humor in situations that deaf and hard of hearing people are placed in every day.  

For example, D.J. has to ask his girlfriend before going to sleep if she has any last words before he takes his hearing aids off. Once his hearing aids are out of his ears he won’t be able to have a conversation with her. D.J. also mentions that if something were to happen in the middle of the night he wouldn’t be able to hear it and would rely on his girlfriend to be there for him.

One of the funniest bits was when D.J. talked about how he is a great secret keeper because he can’t hear whispers. “If this is a secret, you can rest assured…It stays with us. Mainly with you,” says D.J.

Although D.J. makes these situations humorous in his standup, he also spreads awareness about what it is like to be deaf or hard of hearing living in a hearing world.

D.J. shares these scenarios with confidence in his performance. He seemed even more comfortable out on the stage compared to his first performance on Conan two years ago. 

D.J. says, “It was even sweeter than the first time. I knew what to expect going into it this time so I was a bit more relaxed. I love Conan so being a repeat standup guest is a huge honor for me.”

D.J. is excited to perform standup wherever there is an opportunity. He says, “I love it. I’m just going to keep getting better and connecting with audiences and hopefully, a few people join me along the way.”

Thanks for making us laugh again D.J. and we are looking forward to seeing what other jokes you will be bringing our way! 

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Watch the full episode of Conan with D.J. Demers here!

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