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Deaf footballer hosts soccer camp for children with hearing loss

Simon Ollert, a 19-year-old soccer player with profound hearing loss, teamed up with Phonak over the weekend to host an international soccer camp for 30 children between the ages of 12 and 14.

Ollert, who was recently featured by Phonak in a branded film, came up with the idea for this first international soccer camp for children with hearing loss.

“My story shows just what you can achieve despite hearing loss. Ever since I can remember, I have dreamt of being a professional soccer player. My Phonak hearing aids spurred my ambitions and have helped me live a life without limits. It’s wonderful that Phonak are now also helping me make my first soccer camp a reality – it means we can give children a leg up so they too can follow their dream in life with the same determination.”

Youngsters from Austria and the German-speaking regions of France, Italy (South Tyrol), Switzerland and Belgium took part in the camp. The kids participated in a varied training program, including ball control and soccer skills. They also had the opportunity to test themselves against others and develop self-confidence and courage in a playful context.


“It makes me really proud to have spent the weekend with the kids,” Simon said. “We could all learn from each other and had a lot of fun!”

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