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How does hearing loss affect dating and relationships?


We all know that having hearing loss can affect our ability to communicate, which may, in turn, affect our relationships. So, what happens when we wish to embark on a new romantic relationship? When should we tell the object of our desires that we have hearing loss? Will it matter to them when we do tell them? Or will they shrug and share something personal about themselves, thus deepening the bond?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to make this month’s theme: ‘Dating, relationships, and hearing loss’. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you missed…

About #hearinglosshour

#Hearinglosshour is one hour a month devoted to chatting on Twitter about living well with hearing loss. There’s a different theme and different questions each month. There were four questions this month and around 200 tweets during the hour. Here’s what people were saying…

Q1: Dating-wise, when meeting someone new, when’s the best time to mention your hearing loss?

  • I think should mention if you’re confident enough to, otherwise mention if you’re struggling to hear them.
  • When telling about your deafness, explain like it’s nothing to worry about and to focus on yourself than the disability.
  • As early as possible I would think. Get them to face you when talking from the word go.
  • I think as soon as possible, it’s important to tell them about your hearing loss!
  • I lost my hearing while being in this relationship but I would just casually mention it like I always do.
  • I met my deaf partner through developing hearing loss & trying to connect with & inspire others.

Q2: Do you think hearing loss has affected your closest romantic relationships?

  • Yes, though mainly in a positive way. My partner is very proud of me raising awareness of hearing loss!
  • Sometimes. Last relationship didn’t work w/hearing person – didn’t understand & got frustrated repeating everything but, my relationship now with deaf boyfriend is great as we have deafness in common so doesn’t affect so much. But sometimes affects our current relationship as we can misunderstand each other, like on FaceTime, it’s frustrating. 
  • My husband very supportive but taken a long time to adjust to making sure he is in the room and facing me.
  • Sometimes, I find working through a misunderstanding helps understand my partner better. It can be a positive.
  • Repeated reminders often necessary. I try not to get cross anymore and just remind.

Q3: Have you ever been in a relationship with someone else with hearing loss? In what way was it different?

  • My partner is life-long deaf but I had to teach him some etiquette eg face me not going up to my ear.
  • My current boyfriend and I were both deaf & it’s diff in a gd way as can sympathise with each other over hearing loss.
  • Current relationship is diff as both have deaf friends in common so socialising is a lot easier and less pressurising.

Q4: How will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year?

  • Travelling for work lol!
  • I’ll ask him if he’s made any plans 😉 (probably a quiet meal at home!)
  • As Valentine’s Day is on Tues, I will see my long distance boyfriend the weekend before and we will have a meal out but on Tues, Valentine’s Day itself we will watch a movie over FaceTime together!

And we’ll end the round-up of answers with the loveliest answer of the hour.

“How will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year?”

“With my husband of 52 years. :)”


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Phonak hEARo, Angie is a freelance journalist and content writer. Angie was diagnosed with Otosclerosis in her right ear at the age of 30. In 2011, she suffered sudden profound hearing loss in her left ear. She uses a Phonak CROS II with a Phonak Audéo V hearing aid. You can follow Angie on Twitter @hearinglosshour and join in #HearingLossHour on the first Tuesday of the month.